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Increase website conversions by 25%

It takes web visitors 0.05 seconds to decide whether they’ll stay on your website and this decision is all about design. Your website is the first place people go to learn more about your business. It represents you and your company’s values so functionality and great web design are a must.

When done right, your website is also one of your best sources of high-quality leads, helping you engage your audience and grow your business. We make sure it’s created with your customer, your style, and your goals in mind.

How We Achieve Stellar Websites


Understanding Your Customer and Target Market

We analyze marketing channels, audience metrics and current performance, so that we can develop an understanding of your business and what drives your customers.

Our Proven Process for Building Result-Driven Website designs

Our web agency architecture, build, and design your project from start to finish while focusing on results, amazing user experience and, of course, looks.

Convert More Users, Make More Money

By having a customer-friendly, inviting design with properly implemented sales funnel, your website design has a chance to generate more leads. This means spending less on marketing while getting more outcome.

Trackable Analytics for Optimum Results

Thanks to our outstanding analytical tools, the performance of your website will be easy to track and manage. You'll always know what's working and why - which means you'll continuously uncover new ways to attract clients.
  1. Corporate WordPress Sites
    • If you want to be able to constantly update your website, we will create it using the most user-friendly and flexible Content Management System: WordPress. All our WordPress websites are easy to navigate and use, optimized for mobile devices, and rank high on Search Engines.
  2. Custom Website and Development
    • If you're looking to create a website with a unique functionality, we have the tools to help you out. Complex projects start with an initial planning stage, where we discuss your specific requirements, and develop a step-by-step plan for your website's creation and integration.
  3. eCommerce Sites
    • If you want your eCommerce business to strive, your website must be easy-to-navigate, SEO optimized and to build credibility throughout. We can help with all of that. Comrade's eCommerce specialists are experts in all popular eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more.
  4. Mobile App Design & Development
    • We create mobile apps for the needs of any business - tools, online platforms, and fun applications. Increase customer's engagement and make your sales & promotions irresistible.
  5. Landing Pages
    • Two things make or brake a landing page - the design and the copy, but it starts with the design. We know how to present calls to action, how to get people to click, how to make your offer as clear as possible and, ultimately, how to achieve your goal.
  6. Logo Design & Branding
    • Generating sales is great, but all super successful businesses have one thing in common - they've got a memorable brand. We help companies enhance their branding by creating innovative marketing concepts and then transferring them onto eye catching logos and your overall offline and online presence.
  7. UX Design
    • Simple changes in UX can lead to huge swings in your business' results. After our team of UX ninjas analyzes every element of your website, we'll know exactly how to shorten buyer's journey and improve visitors' experience.
  8. Banner Ad Creative
    • Creating successful banner ads can instantly turn a new viewer into a customer. We help you strengthen the creative quality of digital display campaigns, leading to dramatic increases in sales.
  9. A / B Testing
    • If you're not A/B testing your pages, then you don't know what really works for your clients - even if you think you do. We will help you learn what drives your audience and what produces better results by directing the traffic to two similar versions of the same page and tracking the outcomes - a must in the world of measurable data.

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Our team's experience is deep-rooted in online marketing and web design - we've spent the last 10 years perfecting our processes and learning all we can so we can provide services to clients all around the world.

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We've discovered the secret to perfect customer service - truly care about your clients, and always be there when needed, every step of the way.

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