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Average results generated for our clients

This company is friendly, easy to work with, and definitely knows what it is doing when it comes to PPC services. Definitely recommend.

Laura Bidmead

With Comrade Digital Marketing Agency’s PPC services, leads doubled and website traffic increased. In order to streamline communication, they included a project manager in all emails. Response time is excellent and questions are answered quickly.

Jeff Schaumburg

I’ve enjoyed working with Comrade. Their website and PPC campaigns ensure that my business gets the attention it needs. Highly recommend!

Joseph Venditti III
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Chicago Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Company

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Comrade Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago, IL, offers all-in-one digital marketing services to help Chicago-based companies rise above the competition and thrive in today’s business landscape. Over the past decade, our PPC agency has delivered outstanding ROI for B2B, B2C, and eCommerce businesses. We make sure every dollar spent brings the business you need!

While Chicago ranks third in size, it’s also been consecutively voted the best big city to live in (in the United States) for the past five years. It’s the birthplace of the skyscraper, home to eight major league sports teams, and has the busiest airport in the country. And that’s not even half of what makes the Windy City such a rewarding place to work and live.

Chicago’s affordable living costs, reliable public transit, and incredible outdoor lifestyle give it a leg up on most other major cities. While Millennium Park remains a steady fixture, many of this cycling-friendly city’s old train tracks are being transformed into vibrant linear parks like the Paseo Trail.

In summer, the beaches and outdoor public pools are chock-a-block, and the Park District hosts camps, volleyball leagues, bird watching, and other fun outdoor events. Needless to say, there is plenty of nature: The Lakefront trail is 18.5 miles long, and the city has 600 parks.

When it comes to culinary delights, the Chicago-style hot dog and deep-dish pizza are classic staples, yet unbeknownst to most, the city’s restaurants have collectively earned 22 Michelin stars. Its diverse inhabitants contribute to a global food scene that includes Indian, Pakistani, Mexican, and Vietnamese influences.

Chicago is also the birthplace of gospel music and improv comedy, and has a rich cultural heritage with over 40 museums like The Art Institute of Chicago, the Oriental Institute Museum, and Field Museum, to name a few. Those interested in art and culture will find plenty to do by attending film screenings, art shows, and history exhibits hosted throughout the year.

Situated in the Midwest, Chicago is one of the best sports cities, restaurant destinations, and business centers offering a high quality of life. It has all the trappings of a modern metropolis combined with an active outdoor appeal and incredible cultural offerings.

Comrade Digital Marketing proudly provides services in Chicago and surrounding areas:

  • Arlington Heights
  • Schaumberg
  • Naperville
  • Joliet
  • Aurora
  • and others
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Chicago PPC Advertising Services

Chicago Paid Ads Agency Solutions Designed to Grow Your Business


Keyword Research

We combine SEO expertise with AI to understand your customers’ search behavior and discover relevant keywords based on search volume and competition. Knowing this allows our Chicago SEO experts to optimize bids and utilize keywords that drive the best value for your PPC campaigns.

Thorough keyword research ensures your ads show up when your customers are searching for the kinds of products or services you offer. Our methodologies acquire, refine, and organize your PPC keywords to produce a high volume of sales leads.

Optimizing Website

Powerful Landing Page Design

Our team of Chicago web designers creates landing pages that propel users to take your desired action. Optimized landing pages maximize customer conversions with strong calls to action (CTAs), high-performing keywords, engaging content, and attractive offers.

Our SEO best practices ensure you engage, nurture, and convert web visitors who click on your PCC ads. From writing compelling copy to creating strong, eye-catching designs, our lead generation expertise will skyrocket your PPC conversions.


Comprehensive Testing

Our Chicago PPC company conducts A/B testing to compare ad campaign effectiveness. We assess page elements like images, headlines, and layouts to determine which version will deliver the highest ROI.

The results from comprehensive split testing help us increase conversion rates and minimize risks, improving your overall PPC performance. This ensures our ad creation efforts and your dollars are flowing in the right direction.

Conversion Tools

Conversion Optimization

Our suite of analytics, surveys, and expertise creates the perfect conversion funnel to move your target audience from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel. We develop marketing campaigns that target your customers at the right time on the right platform to boost your conversion rate.

Conducting detailed research, running A/B multivariate tests, and optimizing PPC performance are all part of our PPC management. When we onboard clients, we don’t stop optimizing PPC campaigns and generating leads until their campaigns are complete.
Our Chicago digital marketing team uses our tried, tested, and truly effective tactics to increase brand awareness and get you the most conversions at the lowest cost.


Social Advertising

Advertising on social is a hyper-direct way to reach the audience you want—either new customers or returning ones! Because over 50% of the world’s population uses social media, our PPC specialists consider ad creation on relevant social media networks a marketing investment.

The ability to laser-target your audience on social media provides a high chance of conversions, improving sales and brand awareness, regardless of whether your customers use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even TikTok.


Display Advertising

We maximize brand awareness by integrating your Google Ads into the web’s most popular sites. Where paid search ads only appear to customers already interested in what you have to offer, display ads get in front of those who might not be aware of your brand.

Display advertising helps broaden your customer base by sparking interest among your targeted audience. It strengthens brand consistency and visibility, and supports the success of your other PPC campaigns.


Ads Retargeting

Many people will visit your site and never return. At Comrade, we never waste valuable opportunities to convert visitors into leads. Instead, we save you marketing costs by running a remarketed ad to reengage potential customers.

This builds trust and brand recall, increasing the likelihood of them converting with you. Even if customers don’t convert right away, with these marketing efforts, your brand will be top of mind when they finally decide to make a purchase.


Custom Reporting

As your dedicated PPC agency in Chicago, IL, we deliver comprehensive analytics reports to your inbox every week, letting you see where your money is going. From keyword rankings to click-through rates, we use these key insights to shape your industry-leading success.

Our PPC agency’s client relationships are built on trust and transparency, so it’s important to us that you see exactly what we’re doing, and how we plan to optimize your pay-per-click performance.

Digital Presence

Search Advertising

Search ads appear at the top of search engine results. Their visibility and highly targeted nature make them a lucrative marketing tactic because they attract PPC campaign leads already interested in your products and services.

We layer various targeting options onto search advertising campaigns to hit each segment of your audience with relevant and attractive messaging. For all companies and especially smaller ones, search advertising is the easiest way to shoot to the top of SERPs.

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Reed Reed Senior Account Executive
“The benefit of paid advertising is that it allows you to reach your target audience at exactly the right time when they are searching for your product.”
Our Work

Results Achieved by Our Chicago PPC Clients

Increase in revenue
Increase in organic search traffic
Increase in average sale per transaction
With decades of experience serving pro-athletes and fitness enthusiasts, SNAC wanted to emphasize its trustworthiness in such a booming industry. A highly targeted digital marketing campaign combined with a website redesign for Comrade led to staggering results. A 233% increase in revenue has been achieved by SNAC, but a 47% sales increase and a 319% increase in total transactions have been achieved through the use of eCommerce.
Barr & Young Attorneys
Increase in client inquiries
Barr & Young Attorneys
With such a competitive market, Barr & Young hired Comrade Digital Marketing Agency to revamp their website and run a well-performing digital marketing campaign. This has led to a growing number of clients for the well-established law firm and a reduction in its lead cost. Their caseload has grown by 58% and they have hired more staff to keep up with it.

Chicago Trusted PPC Agency


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Comrade has awards from Awwwards.
We have awards from FWA
We are platinum winner of creative awards from Hermes
We are "Davey awards" silver winner
Comrade is a top B2B company in US in 2020 according to Clutch
Comrade is the top SEO services company
We are top local agency according to UpCity
We are the best Pay Per Click (PPC) company in Chicago according to Expertise
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Why Businesses in Chicago Choose Comrade

The calculated approach we take at Comrade delivers ROI to our clients, and that’s why they love working with us. Our goal is to improve your bottom line by being transparent, realistic, and efficient. Our clients are treated like partners, so when our digital marketing campaigns succeed, so do they.

A team of in-house experts and designers provides top-tier solutions that increase sales, leads, and website visitors. We have consistently delivered high levels of commitment and rigorous execution ever since we took on our first client.

Through our digital marketing expertise, we have helped countless clients drive commercial results. Whether it’s SEO, PPC, reputation management, or any other form of online marketing, we can help you grow your business.

You'll gain the benefits of an in-house digital marketing department without the headaches (and costs)

In order to succeed in growing a client’s business, we must demonstrate how we can add value. Investing in the success of our clients makes us a true business partner. Working with Comrade means working with a team of knowledgeable professionals who are committed to your success.

Working with us you will get:

Dedicated teams
Your team will include a CMO with plenty of experience, an account manager, and niche experts.
ROI-driven approach
Take advantage of a holistic marketing strategy that focuses on driving revenue.
We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients
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  • Increase brand awareness & loyalty
  • Increase your qualified leads
  • Elevate your conversion rate
  • Foster a repeat customer base
  • Decrease cost per lead
  • Increase return on marketing investment

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Here's What Our Chicago Clients Want to Know

What sort of online marketing services do you provide to Chicago-based companies?

As a full-service digital marketing company, we provide comprehensive marketing and web development services to companies in Chicago, IL. This includes SEO, content marketing, PPC campaigns, and brand development. Our team can handle all aspects of your company's digital marketing or help with specific areas like PPC management to generate more qualified traffic and sales.

What industries do you serve?

Over the past 12 years, we've created outstanding websites and vibrant online identities for B2C, B2B, and eCommerce businesses. As a top PPC agency, we service a wide range of industries, including shipping companies, realtors, medical professionals, retail businesses, manufacturing companies, as well as law firms, and more. Our customized online marketing campaigns are specifically designed to overcome our client's unique challenges, regardless if they're locally based or part of an international corporation.

What's the advantage of hiring Comrade over other Chicago PPC companies?

Unlike other agencies that focus on one or two aspects of digital marketing, we offer comprehensive services. Need web design? No problem. What about content marketing? Sure. And paid advertising? Let's devise a lead generation strategy. You can outsource all your digital marketing work to us, and our expert team will implement the most profitable marketing strategies to boost qualified traffic, sales leads, and revenue. From graphic design to social media marketing and reputation management, we do it all. Plus, we have a robust track record to prove it. Over the past 12 years, we've garnered numerous awards for marketing excellence and helped many satisfied clients achieve their sales funnel goals. We're confident about our work and, to our knowledge, are the only Chicago-based agency that provides money-back guarantees to select clients.

Can you explain your guarantee?

We guarantee results. That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for our clients. Our agreement works as follows: We'll start working on your marketing project at 50% of the total cost, and only once we've achieved consistent results for two months do we bill the full amount as stipulated in your contract. Chat with us to find out whether your business qualifies for this PPC campaign package.

Can I afford your services?

The cost of PPC advertising and digital marketing services depends on your business growth goals and the current website performance. Are you only interested in PPC campaigns, or do you need to scale your eCommerce store? How aggressive does your paid media strategy have to be? These particulars will influence the price. Generally, our clients pay $2,000—$7,500+ per month for our PPC and SEO services. We offer a free and comprehensive marketing and SEO audit to gauge how much work needs to be done and ascertain the cost. Rest assured, our clients enjoy a high ROI, and we'll never take on work if we can't guarantee results. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

How long before I start seeing results from your PPC firm?

You can expect to see results from PPC campaigns immediately if your SEO is up to scratch. If not, we'll recommend implementing search engine optimization on your website and marketing assets, which produces tangible results 90 days after launching, with sales continuing to grow after this milestone. It's normal for a robust marketing strategy to take time to reach peak performance and produce a noticeable improvement in leads and conversion rate. While it's possible to run a PPC campaign without decent SEO, we don't advise this. For example, if your PPC ads are strong, but weak landing pages don't convert, you're wasting money and time. With PPC, you're paying to position your brand right in front of your customers, so it's not unusual to see increased sales within a day.

Comrade PPC Advertising Agency - Chicago

A Chicago-based, Comrade Digital Marketing helps businesses grow online through advanced web development and digital marketing solutions.  

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