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Department: Account Management

Industry: Digital Branding and Marketing Agency

Established in 2007, Comrade Web Agency is composed of a dedicated group of people who share the same viewpoints regarding the future of digital technologies, interactions, and experiences. We are a company of  technology geeks and branding dreamers. We will revolutionize people’s view of  “The Digital” by developing online experiences and blending meaningful stories together with our clients.

We need your help to accomplish this!

Don’t be fooled by the “Junior “ in the position title. We understand that age does not necessarily translate to capabilities. We are all too familiar with the story of young, capable professionals, who are deterred from applying for a position because of a required number of years of work experience and/or industry background.

The “Junior” in this title stands for young (at heart), hungry for knowledge, engaged, passionate and a person that “speaks” the marketing and digital language. It means that, even if you have not worked in any agency before, we will expect an emerging professional with an educational foundation that allows them to debate, exchange ideas and build projects and brands in the digital environment.

Please DON’T READ further if you think:

  • PPC – stands for Peter Palmer Constructions
  • AdWords – is a text editing web based software
  • CTR – is a contract acronym
  • ROI – is a the elder son of Roy Anderson or
  • Keywords – are just some passwords for different encrypted emails

Of course, it is not enough to simply know these “superficial” terms. You must be able to create a trusted bond with Comrade Web clients, bring cross-channel marketing programs to life and assist in building and rolling out digital projects that stun clients with creativity, time precision, and passion.

What you’ll do:

Working closely with the marketing team, you will be expected to build client relationships using your knowledge of their industry and our capabilities as an agency to create digital inbound campaigns that address the client’s current and future goals.

Day to day, your role will include:

  • Acting as day-to-day contact for junior to mid-level clients
  • Identifying opportunities to grow the business (theirs and ours) and acting on those opportunities to more effectively achieve client marketing goals and agency relationship goals
  • Understanding and neatly articulating program strategy, objectives, measurement strategy, and relevant results
  • Using insight, strategy, and power of persuasion to steer client and agency teams
  • Brainstorming creative strategies, test-and-learn plans, offer strategies, and channel and site strategies
  • Writing short, compelling decks that are in a client-ready state, with guidance from your manager
  • Demonstrating passion for the client’s brand – keeping an up-to-date understanding of the economics behind it, the customer and competitive insights that go into it, and the marketing strategy/channels that drive it
  • Detecting areas of conflict and opportunities to avoid financial, operational and/or strategic issues – you’ll address or escalate each issue quickly and smartly
  • Leading discussions with internal team members, establishing clear expectations for tasks and deliverables and communicating them clearly
  • Collaborating with a centralized scoping group to develop accurate and informed scopes of work on small to medium-sized projects, including schedules and budgets
  • Communicating implications of changed plans to the team in an effective and timely manner

We’re looking for a talented Junior Account Manager that has:

  • Four years of college education and, at least, one complete internship in an office environment (preferably at a communications-related company, and ideally at a creative agency) OR relevant experience
  • It’s a plus if you have any email and search engine marketing and/or SEO experience, education in web development, communication or media
  • Excellent analytical skills, commitment to a client, and proven ability to manage expectations
  • Effective time-management, impeccable organization and the flexibility to adapt quickly to changes
  • Amazing communication and presentation skills – you’re articulate, straightforward and engaging
  • An unrelenting passion for marketing and a drive to bring the best of it to life, every day
  • And above all, a willingness to roll up your sleeves and be a relentless collaborator, and a desire to never stop learning or growing

If this describes you, then let’s talk.

About our Web Agency

Comrade /’kamræd/ – a person (in our case a team) that shares a life bounding experience with another person (our client and his team) because of the events and activities shared in order to accomplish a common positive and meaningful goal.

We are more than a friend, a partner or a collaborator. We are our client’s Comrade.

Our Chicago office assembles some of the most passionate people in the industry. In spite of all being experts and dedicated professionals, you’ll seldom find a colleague that won’t listen to a new idea, a new cool feature, even from a junior as yourself. We’re hungry to learn and we try to do so every day because it is the only way to get to that point in which we can really innovate.

The position is a full-time with a trial period. Comrade Web will offer comprehensive training, providing with video classes and all necessary tools.

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