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Updated: June 25, 2021

How Can PPC Help Out a Small Business?

How Can PPC Help Out a Small Business?

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is one of the most popular forms of online advertising, and for good reason. PPC for small business websites and brands helps you reach more people, target specific audiences, and save money. What’s more, the power of PPC for small businesses is just as tangible today in 2021 as it’s ever been. In fact, because more and more businesses have shifted to online models, PPC may be more important now than ever.

Comrade has a team of digital marketing experts that helps businesses create effective ads and initiate a streamlined PPC campaign. Let’s look at the ins and outs of PPC, as well as what we do here in-house, to help our clients.

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What Exactly is PPC and Why Does Everyone Use It?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is an advertising tactic that helps drive traffic to your website in a cost-effective manner. With this method, you only pay for a PPC advertisement when a viewer clicks through your site, saving money on those who may visit your site but aren’t truly engaging with it.

But why is PPC for small business marketing strategies so great? There are a lot of advantages to pay-per-click advertising. Keep reading to see our top reasons to incorporate a PPC campaign into your small business.

PPC is Cost-Effective

Since you only pay for PPC ads when a searcher interacts with your website, this technique is a quick way to save money, allowing you to better budget your ad spend. So, instead of wasting money on ads that no one is interacting with, you ensure you’re only paying for true impressions.

PPC is Easily Tracked and Adjusted to Your Needs

A PPC campaign allows you to measure an ad’s effectiveness so your team knows exactly what the return on investment is, without wasting extra money. Additionally, you can directly target the audience of your choosing based on a whole host of demographics for a super customized result.

But the perks don’t end there. Even once you’ve begun a PPC campaign, you can still make changes to improve the campaign as it goes.

ppc campaign tracking in google analytics

PPC Provides Fast Results

If you’re looking for fast, tangible results, PPC is the way to go. You will be able to see the impact of these campaigns nearly instantaneously and can boost results with good SEO practices.

How Can a Small Business Effectively Use PPC Advertisements?

Now that we understand why PPC is so beneficial to small businesses, it’s time to think about strategy. To get the most out of your budget, you will want to consider these PPC optimization options to ensure you take advantage of this marketing strategy. Here are our tips.

Start Small and Plan on Growing Slowly

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s important for small businesses in 2021 to take the time to implement their PPC strategies in a slow, measured way. PPC takes a bit of trial and error, so start small as you will surely adjust your keywords and additional PPC metrics over a short period of time to perfect your ads and yield greater ROI.

Use the Right Keywords for PPC Optimization

When beginning a PPC campaign, selecting the right keywords can be a cumbersome task, but it’s important to get it right.

Many small businesses that don’t have previous PPC experience will lean on broad keywords that make it challenging to target their potential customers. Instead, PPC for small business strategies should rely on specific keywords that directly correlate to your business. Are you a small bakery in Chicago? While “bakery in Chicago” will garner a ton of results, “bakery in Lakeview East” will get down to the specifics, making you a top search result.

Additionally, instead of spending endless hours figuring out the best keywords for your site, rely on tools like Google’s Keywords planner, SpyFu, or AdPlexity to see what your biggest competitors are using for keywords.

ppc advertisement keywords

Be Assertive in the Language You Use

Be bold in all of your PPC ad copy. Small businesses often make the mistake of shying away from their positive attributes, thinking they can’t compete boldly with larger competition. Always be confident and assertive in the language you use for your PPC ad copy. The confidence will come across positively to your prospective customers or clients.

Localize Your PPC Advertisement

Working with a small budget when implementing PPC ads for your small business? Don’t worry, geo-targeting is the perfect solution.

Instead of setting yourself up for broad search results, focus on keywords that are specific to your area so locals easily find your business. As we said before, using “Chicago” in a keyword may feel like a great way to draw customers from far and wide, but zeroing in on your specific neighborhood will make a world of difference.

This method for optimizing a PPC campaign isn’t that challenging, either. Google AdWords allows you to focus on your geographic area, targeting the customers who you are most likely to serve.

localized ppc ad

Focus on a Call to Action

PPC ads are a great place to implement your call to action! Realistically, you have a specific action you’re hoping customers will take when implementing your PPC advertisement, and with a clear call to action, you can make sure they do just that.

This is quite simple. Consider what that call to action is and implement it with the ad, sharing just one simple action that makes it clear to customers what they should do next. Don’t overcomplicate it!

PPC is Fast and Effective

PPC is quicker than many other kinds of advertising and digital marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is hugely effective but can take weeks or longer to become effective as it depends on Google and other search engine algorithms to update. With PPC, you can buy ad space, and it goes up. It’s as simple as that.

It’s super effective, too.

ppc for small business ad campaign

Never Leave Your PPC Campaign on its Own

Since a PPC advertisement can remain in place for an extended period, it’s important to continually monitor it to ensure you still get the best results.

Without supervision, a PPC campaign can have a drop in effectiveness, so continually adapting and improving is a must. To do this, remain up to date on the latest analytics so you can make any necessary adjustments as you go. Revising campaigns will not only improve your ads but help them be more effective in generating premium results for your small business.

PPC is Better for New Products

PPC is best if you have new products. If you’re trying to reach people with something exciting and fresh, there’s more chance people will click. Get the pitch right on your ad, and you’ll be reaching a whole new audience very quickly.

You Only Pay for Action Taken

Finally, remember that you only pay for the ads when people click on them. PPC for websites and businesses is popular because it costs less and delivers quick results.

Consider Hiring a Professional

If you aren’t quite ready to handle the implementation of a PPC advertisement for your small business, a professional (like our team at Comrade Digital Marketing Agency!) can help. With extensive experience optimizing PPC for small business campaigns, our experts can ensure you get the most out of your pay-per-click strategy for a premium, cost-effective return on investment.

To get started with your PPC campaign, give us a call at 312-265-0580 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PPC important in business?

Paid ads allow you to target a particular audience interested in your products or services. You can consider many factors, such as demographics, location, keywords, and even time of day. Precisely customizing your ad campaign can result in remarkable returns at cost.

Does PPC have any disadvantages?

Like everything, PPC does have a few drawbacks you will have to consider before starting a paid campaign. First, PPC requires a time investment. It's not that you can set up a campaign and leave it. Second, to set up a PPC campaign, you need skills. Without practice, your PPC campaign may not be as effective as you expect it. And finally, if you aren't constantly monitoring your PPC campaigns, costs may add up quickly, and you risk wasting your budget.

How effective is PPC advertising?

When managed properly, a PPC campaign can prove to be extremely effective even for a small budget. PPC lets you target visitors at all stages of the sales funnel. Focus on the keywords people search for when they are ready to buy, and you can expect a high conversion rate.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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