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Updated: December 22, 2021

Will the New Website Actually Deliver Revenue?

The reason why we are asked this question by quite a few prospects is because they've been burned before. They may have hired a web development agency that promised the world but under-delivered. Or maybe they hired a marketing firm that built what was supposed to be a great website but that website underperformed. 

In reality, many of our prospective clients previously got a beautiful new website, but the number of leads and sales that the website generated was practically non-existent. Their new website never drove the client’s business goals.

No doubt, you need a great website built by a professional team, for example, by one of the top small business or eCommerce Developers in Chicago (depending on the type of business you own). But how do you know that when you invest in a custom website (or in improvements to your existing site), you’re not just going to end up with a pretty digital brochure that delivers absolutely nothing?

Well, here’s how Comrade ensures better results for our clients.

First, before we even think about their website, we think about the end goal. Instead of focusing on the thing (website), we focus on the result the client needs. For instance, one of the first things we do in our consultations is to ask clients what they really want to achieve.

A website is simply a business tool, a vehicle to drive business, a means to an end. What a client needs is usually more leads, which in turn should convert into more sales/revenue.

How Do We Help You Accomplish Your Business Goals?

The second step in our process is to assess your business and map out a marketing strategy. We specialize not just in web development and design but also in marketing for small businesses and large businesses alike.

We craft a strategy for your website to take you from Point A to Point B. You actually do need professional digital marketing support because a website on its own will only help you travel part of the path but not the entire distance.

Once we understand your business objectives, establish a benchmark and build your roadmap, only then do we start focusing on building the actual website.

This is where cool factors like buyer personas and the buyer’s journey come into play. We establish what type of people (buyer personas) who comprise your target market and how your website should walk them through their buying journey.

Your website must be positioned properly in search rankings, so when prospects look for information related to your business, it will appear on their radar. Once prospects find your website, it then needs to provide the right kind of information they’re looking for to turn those visitors into leads or sales.

Build a custom website

What Your Web Development Agency Should Do Before Building a Custom Website

At Comrade, we think about websites very strategically:

First, what goes on the homepage? Well, it should encompass the primary questions your prospects will ask (and need solid answers to) to move forward past the homepage and on to the Service pages and the About Us page and ultimately take action on the website. That action could be filling out a “Contact Us form, downloading a brochure, signing up for newsletters or coupons, or in the case of e-commerce sites, buying a product or service.

All of those factors are deliberated carefully, and only then do we build a prototype of your website. It is like a set of blueprints for a future house, except that it’s digital. You can see this prototype on the screen and actually understand how the website is going to flow before it’s even built.

Why do we do this? Why do we take that extra step? For a number of reasons.

Most important is that it allows you to see how the information is going to be laid out and look through the lens of a potential client.

How will prospects view the site? Did we answer all of the questions that need to be answered on the primary pages, like who we are, what we do, why choose us over all other available options (including the option of doing nothing at all)? Are there calls to action? What are the conversion points?

All of these crucial aspects and elements must be ironed out prior to building the site. Because delivering an optimal user experience is imperative.

Once we’re on the same page (pun intended) as far as the user experience goes, only then do we commence the process of designing and developing the website.

This, ultimately, enables your website to perform and deliver results far better than a typical website.

Web agency in Chicago

The websites that we build are search engine optimized out-of-the-box, meaning Google will index your site’s content and determine that it is a high-performance website because:

  • It’s going to upload fast.
  • It’s going to feature quality content relevant to your prospects.
  • It’s going to deliver a great user experience.

All of these factors are really important to Google, so your site will rank higher. The higher you rank, the more traffic volume your site generates, and because the site will be optimized for conversion, you will actually see those prospects take meaningful action through engaging your website.

We do all of this to ensure your website delivers results and that we deliver on the promises that we make. Contact us, and we will schedule a call to discuss your business needs.

But once again, a very important point to remember is that marketing support services bolster your high-performance website to accelerate and increase ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good website in 2021?

Good websites are well-structured and well-organized. They aren't cluttered; instead, they are tidy and professional. Its organization determines a website's accessibility and user-friendliness. Visitors would be able to better browse and locate information on your website if you have a thoughtful organizational structure.

Why you shouldn't build your own website?

Although DIY website builders allow for some customization, they have limitations, and most simple packages lack flexibility, originality, and interactivity. If you want to add more functions or functionality, you'll almost certainly have to pay extra for a premium subscription.

Why is my website not appearing on Google?

Here's why your site may not be shown up in search results: your website has not yet been indexed by Google (it's too new), your website isn't set up to be crawled by search engines, or your keyword market is too competitive.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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