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I cannot express how pleased I have been working with Jon and Ivan. Our website looks amazing & any questions are answered promptly!

Keith Hund / CEO / Classic Landscape

For my company, Comrade provided SEO and NAP services. During my call with Reed Adler, he took the time to explain a lot of things to me that I did not know, and he even came to my business to discuss them in person. His staff, including Margo and Kseniya, has provided excellent customer service to me…I have noticed a big improvement in my business’s visibility on the web since hiring them, even though SEO is a long-term strategy. Thanks to Reed Adler’s customer service, Comrade’s reasonable rates, and friendly staff, I chose Comrade, and I highly recommend them.

Hamidreza Shaverdi

I am very satisfied with the product quality and the professionalism of the team. We hired Comrade to redesign our outdated e-Commerce site. I was very impressed with their account team’s approachability and willingness to go above and beyond. Traffic on the website has increased, and sales are up 40%. I originally found their marketing team so appealing because they seemed to be truly interested in delivering results. Their customer’s best interests are their top priority, and they strive to add value to their services.

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New York City is undeniably an exciting place for residents and businesses. The folks who live in NYC enjoy a wide array of social and cultural opportunities. New York is home to dozens of institutes of higher education, including New York University.

There’s also the Met, Central Park, and Coney island. NYC draws families to its various boroughs with a range of housing options, school choices, and job opportunities.

The fact that New York, NY is a major cultural hub that is known for diversity also attracts businesses from around the world. New York City remains a major commerce center for almost every industry.

If you have plans to expand your business or start a new enterprise, it’s easy to see why New York would be a top choice. The metro area is perfectly located, the growing population makes recruiting employees that much easier, and the infrastructure is perfect for commerce. Your business can experience serious growth if you partner with a New York City SEO agency.

Comrade Digital Marketing proudly provides services in New York, NY and surrounding areas, including:

Support your local businesses: 10 More Best SEO Agencies in NYC

When it comes to SEO, Comrade understands that a personal approach is the best. The best results can only be achieved by trusting your partner, and no single company can satisfy everyone. Our professionals at Comrade are confident that we can deliver results, however, we have put together a list of 10 other NYC SEO Companies that can help you grow your business.

Stella Rising

By solving key market challenges for their clients, Stella Rising breaks through the blocks and keeps focus on the possibilities. There are many areas of focus, including E-Commerce, Digital Strategy, SEO, PPC, Media Planning & Buying, Consumer Research, Amazon Strategy, Social Media, and more.

Bird Marketing

Providing exceptional SEO service is Bird Market’s top priority, and the staff strives to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Your return on investment is their primary focus, and their success is directly related to your success.

Stacker Studio

In partnership with brands, Stacker Studio creates data-driven content and distributes it to thousands of respected news outlets. What are the results? Brand awareness and authority are increased via hundreds of SEO-friendly media pickups.

Top Notch Dezigns

SEO company Top Notch Dezigns is focused on helping brands increase their online presence through SEO services and web designIn designing and creating your website, they keep in mind your individual needs and requirements, as well as those of your customers. They know how to design responsive websites and create SEO campaigns that work.

Creative Brand Design

Providing bespoke & interactive experiences for aspiring & established businesses and enterprises, Creative Brand Design is an award-winning SEO agency. To deliver industry-leading solutions, they use a collaborative, phased approach that considers design and branding, SEO optimization, interactive components, and user interface and user experience.

SEO Image

Provides advanced search engine optimization and online reputation management services. With strategies designed specifically for extremely competitive keywords, we rank clients in highly competitive markets. Providing SEO services to small, medium, and enterprise-level companies

Smart Sites

The services SmartSites offers include PPC/SEO management, Facebook advertising, content marketing, and site maintenance.

Sure Oak

With Sure Oak’s comprehensive SEO services and proprietary growth strategies, businesses can rank higher and grow faster. Through their highly specialized services, like content optimization, premium link building, conversion rate optimization, and pay-per-click marketing, they increase visibility and traffic online.


By combining numbers, analytics, and creative expertise, Taktical develops cutting-edge digital strategies that are executed with surgical precision. Specializing in launching, growing, and leading digitally native companies in DTC and B2B industries.


With Markacy, brands and startups are able to bring their visions to life and accelerate their revenue growth. Their multidisciplinary team of experts brings deep expertise aligned to your most pressing business issues, including advertising & marketing, web, SEO, and analytics, to drive engagement value.

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New York City SEO Services

NYC SEO Company Solutions Designed to Grow Your Business

Keyword Research & Optimization

Keyword Research & Optimization

When used the right way, keywords are exceptionally powerful. As your New York internet marketing agency, we will conduct keyword research to identify the most relevant long-tail keywords that will attract customers to your website. We will also work with you to incorporate those keywords into your content, meta descriptions, and tags.


SEO Audit

Good SEO services are the result of analytics that paint a clear picture of your online presence. Experts at our SEO company in New York City use analytics to help create your initial SEO strategy. Then, we ensure that you are making progress toward your business objectives. We provide you with copies of valuable reports to help you understand the current state of your website and online presence.

Content Marketing

Comprehensive Content Marketing

Content is the foundation of successful SEO. Even with every other optimization step available you won’t convert people without good content. You need an NYC SEO agency that has an expert team to help with content strategy, creation, and analysis. The content that we offer you will be perfectly curated and align with your target personas.

Competitive Analysis

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO covers all of the actions an SEO Company in NYC takes on a web page to boost rankings and increase traffic to your page. This work includes content optimization, keyword research, use of meta tags, and other processes to ensure that your pages rank for the right keywords.


Technical SEO Services

As your SEO Company in New York City, we address every possible factor that could be impacting your search rankings. These factors include technical SEO. With this service, our New York SEO experts analyze your site for errors, performance issues, and potential red flags that could cause search engines to penalize or even delist your pages.

Local SEO

Local SEO

So many searches that end in purchases use location-specific keywords. Someone looking for a nearby restaurant may search for “Italian food in Brooklyn.” Are people using location-specific searches when they look for your products and services? If yes, our NYC SEO Agency can help you optimize your web presence to earn a spot in Google’s Local Pack or Map results.

Link Building

Link-Building and Off-Page SEO

Search engines consider other websites and links to determine the quality of your content. This analysis is known as off-page SEO. Linking bolsters your reputation, and search engines will rank your pages higher. Our SEO Company in NYC will create a link-building strategy to ensure that you continue to receive those traffic-boosting authority links.

Mobile Friendly Optimization

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Google now gives priority in search engine results to sites that are mobile-friendly. Our NYC SEO Agency experts understand how mobile users search for and engage with websites, as well as how they consume content. We use analytics data to identify the amount of traffic you are receiving from mobile devices, and where improvements can be made.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

20% of searches in the Google app are now voice searches and mobile users are the most frequent users of voice searches. This growth isn’t something a reputable SEO Company in New York City can ignore. Web content must be optimized for Google search results no matter how people look for the information they need.

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Stan Bogdashin Marketing Strategist, Partner
"With 15+ years in the SEO industry, we prioritize completing thorough research and verifying, with hard data, that we can deliver good results before taking on a new project."
Our Process

How We Achieve SEO Results

Step 1

SEO Audit

With a complimentary SEO audit, we can identify problems affecting your business’ organic search performance. Our team determines which marketing strategy is most effective for your business before entering into a formal contract.

Step 2

12-month SEO Strategy

In addition to our SEO audit, we conduct a competitive analysis and establish a road map to make sure our process aligns with your business goals. As we move forward, we will decide on a timeline, budget, and resources. As part of this process, you will need to develop a monthly SEO strategy, conduct keyword research, and prepare a content calendar.

Step 3

Execute Ongoing SEO

As a result, our hands-on team carries out the required steps to achieve the desired outcomes. Among the tasks are website optimization, content creation, technical cleanups, link building, social media marketing, and email marketing. Your marketing status and new KPIs will determine the scope of the activity.

Step 4

Measure, Report, Adjust

As part of our marketing strategy, we provide monthly marketing reports to evaluate our efforts and optimize our approaches. In order to guide our marketing strategy, we use KPIs such as organic web traffic, lead generation rates, and cost per lead.

Our Work

Results Achieved by Our NYC SEO Clients

Lice Doctors
Increase in organic website traffic YOY
Increase in site visitors
Lice Doctors
Comrade was able to develop a tailored digital marketing plan for this expert lice treatment center despite the seemingly insurmountable challenge. A comprehensive new website designed by Comrade, built on a powerful SEO framework, bolsters this robust plan. As a leader in the child wellness industry, Lice Doctors continues to thrive today.

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Comrade has awards from Awwwards.
We have awards from FWA
We are platinum winner of creative awards from Hermes
We are "Davey awards" silver winner
Comrade is a top B2B company in US in 2020 according to Clutch
Comrade is the top SEO services company
We are top local agency according to UpCity
We are the best Pay Per Click (PPC) company in Chicago according to Expertise
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Why Businesses in NYC Choose Comrade

Comrade is one of the few SEO companies in New York, NY that truly guarantees success. Additionally, our clients appreciate our holistic approach to SEO campaigns. Because we do everything in-house, our customers don’t have to work with multiple agencies to source solutions for various online marketing tasks.

If you represent a New York City company and are interested in increasing your organic traffic, social media reach, qualified leads, and conversions, our New York City SEO experts would love to talk to you.

Respect in the industry

There are so many digital marketing firms in New York City that it’s easy to blend in. We’ve discovered that one of the best ways to stand out is to earn the respect of the most highly-regarded companies in the online marketing space.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has accomplished this through our partnerships with Google, Shopify, HubSpot, and others. Additionally, we’ve earned accolades as a top SEO agency from companies including Hermes, Clutch, and UpCity.

This recognition is for our work in paid media management, SEO services, social media marketing, and reputation management. These awards aren’t just honors — they are proof that companies trust our expertise, and have benefitted from our services.

Data-driven approach

Effective digital marketing is built on a foundation of reliable data that comes from proven market research practices and analytics. We design marketing strategies for our clients using this data. Then, we continue to refine campaigns as we carefully review data we collect from Google analytics and other tools.

This precise approach to marketing allows us to identify exactly where our services will be most beneficial to your company. We are then able to get results quickly and help you achieve your business objectives.

Our experts use a variety of tools to collect and refine your business data. The data we collect and insights gained from our partnerships allow us to understand how search engines view your website.

Tried and tested expertise

With over a decade in the digital marketing space, we have grown to serve more than 300 satisfied clients. We curate a customized approach to marketing that is based on an understanding of each client’s industry and goals for growth.

All of this happens seamlessly thanks to our team of SEO specialists, web designers, PR experts, and social media marketing gurus.

Best services and competitive prices

The SEO team at Comrade Digital Marketing Agency has learned that a holistic approach is most effective. To maintain this total coverture, our service portfolio contains all of the services you need to improve your website’s search engine optimization.

We are a New York digital marketing agency that will handle services ranging from web design to digital marketing strategy. Our approach allows us to provide you with a single, competitive price for all of our services combined. This approach makes it easier for you to establish your SEO optimization budget.

We usually deliver a 4.5x ROI for our clients
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  • Increase brand awareness & loyalty
  • Increase your qualified leads
  • Elevate your conversion rate
  • Foster a repeat customer base
  • Decrease cost per lead
  • Increase return on marketing investment

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Here's What Our New York Clients Want to Know

What sorts of online SEO services do you provide to NYC companies?

Because so many things impact search rankings, we believe that the best New York City SEO services must have a wide range of competencies. This belief is why we offer a range of marketing products, including web design and development, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, public relations, and social media marketing. Whatever services you select, you can rely on us to create and execute an SEO strategy that works. Then, we will put that strategy into place to help boost organic traffic, increase your qualified leads, and remove friction from the customer journey. Our objective is to ensure that you are able to meet your organizational goals as quickly and sustainably as possible.

What industries do you serve?

We provide search engine optimization and other marketing services for New York City companies in several industries. These include eCommerce, SaaS, manufacturing, healthcare, home improvement, lawyers, and contractors. We have in-house expertise that allows us to improve search engine rankings for both the B2B and B2C industries. While another Long Island SEO company might understand marketing, very few have the breadth of industry knowledge that we bring to the table.

Can you explain your guarantee?

We are committed to demonstrating accountability to our New York City clients. Because of this, we only charge half of our contracted rate for SEO services until we are able to demonstrate two consecutive months of tangible results from our SEO strategy. At that point, our rate reverts to the original contracted price for services.

What's the advantage of hiring Comrade over other New York SEO companies?

There are numerous SEO agencies in New York City and the surrounding areas. Despite this, Comrade stands out. We aren't your standard internet marketing agency. We are an SEO growth agency that offers a full suite of SEO solutions in-house that guarantee success. This suite includes web development, content marketing campaigns, reputation management, advertising campaigns, and search engine optimization. Additionally, we are the proud recipients of many positive reviews from our growing stable of long-term clients.

Can I afford your services?

Pricing for SEO services vary. Your goals influence the specific projects we will launch on your behalf. For example, an enterprise-level web design project may average between $10,000 and $35,000. The monthly costs of social media marketing and other online marketing services are generally $2,500 to $7,500. Of course, we encourage you to consider the return on your investment, not just the costs. We do offer a free consultation and are happy to discuss your project budget. Our SEO team customizes your services to align with your organizational goals, and encourages you not to forego working with a marketing firm without exploring your options.

How long before I start seeing results from your SEO firm?

Search engine optimization can take some time before the results are in full swing. This is the result of competition within certain industries as well as within certain geographic markets. There's also the age of your site, and the time it takes to create optimized content. At the same time, you are investing in SEO services. You want to know that you are getting a return on your investment. We're also committed to accountability. That's why you only pay half of your contracted rate until you see two consecutive months of verifiable results. This arrangement gives us a reasonable amount of time to carefully create your SEO campaigns, execute them, and provide proof that your online visibility is on the rise.

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Comrade Digital Marketing helps businesses in New York City, NY, grow through advanced web design and digital marketing solutions.

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