Comrade C.O.R.E.

Does your Website…

target the right audience?

reflect your current business philosophy, products and services?

engage buyers with Calls To Action?

stand out from the competition?

C.O.R.E. is short for Complimentary Online Review & Evaluation. The process we’ve developed gives business owners like you the insights needed for making significant improvements in your website’s appearance and performance.

Following our review of your website with computer-tested analytics and designer input, we can collectively understand its strengths and weaknesses. Next, we email you a Comrade C.O.R.E. Report, broken down by two sections:

1) Software-measured performance
Utilizing our wide array of software tools, we shall gauge your website’s overall performance, mobile device optimization, search engine optimization and use of social media

2) Human-measured performance
Our professional designers will evaluate your website based upon a variety of mission-critical factors such as information architecture, navigation clarity and overall aesthetic “look-and-feel”.

Your C.O.R.E. Report specifically pinpoints items to keep, revise, replace or delete, plus effective tips to improve your website.