Video Marketing for HVAC Contractors: 5 Important Ideas

Harness the power of video marketing to revolutionize your HVAC contracting business!

Getting people interested in your services can seem daunting, but video marketing for HVAC contractors makes it easier. While your traditional marketing strategies might maintain steady business, they won’t necessarily make it grow, especially since so many customers spend copious amounts of time watching videos online.

Simply put: Video content marketing is the action of publishing videos online for promotional purposes, and it gets 300% more traffic than other marketing material. If you haven’t used video marketing before for your HVAC company, now is a great time to begin.

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Let’s discuss why the HVAC video marketing strategy is worth it and what types of videos you can create to expand your client base.

Is HVAC Video Marketing Worth It?

Online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, and 86% of marketing professionals use them as a marketing tool. From Facebook and Instagram Reels to TikTok and YouTube, every platform knows video content is the format audiences want. This is due to the rise in smartphones and their accessibility, as well as the fact that most customers prefer video online to text. From the looks of it, the Internet video trend will be with us for years to come.

Online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic

The Advantages of HVAC Video Marketing

More than just providing customers with content they want to consume, online video marketing strategy for HVAC companies has several benefits, including:

  • Boosting conversions by up to 80%.
  • Building trust and credibility.
  • Spreading brand awareness via social media.
  • Improving search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Conveying a lot of information quickly.

Additionally, video content allows you to convey information in a way that’s engaging and visually appealing, which helps your target audience connect with your HVAC company’s brand. Moving images have an emotive quality, and customers are more likely to retain visual information than text.

5 Video Marketing Ideas for HVAC Company

Create Different Types of Video Content

Diversifying video content is important if you wish to reach a wider audience and increase repeat viewing. Existing and potential customers will have a higher chance of discovering your content on a platform of their choice, especially if your company services different types of clients.

However, coming up with video ideas for your HVAC company isn’t always so easy. Here are some short video concepts to get you started.

1. Educational and How-to Videos

Also called tutorials or training videos, these videos instruct people how to do something like an air conditioner tune-up. Whether they’re animated or use real people, these how-to videos break complex processes into smaller tasks.

Educational videos

HVAC educational videos simplify complex tasks, engage viewers, and build trust in your services

Great editing used with effective music and voice-over (if the demonstrator doesn’t speak to the camera) make learning fun and products and services more compelling. This content is always in demand and provides proof to prospective customers that you’re capable of providing them with the same service.

Ready to turn your YouTube passion into profit? Dive into our comprehensive guide on monetization strategies.

2. Case Studies, Portfolios, and Customer Stories

Customer stories videos

Case studies, portfolios, and customer stories provide social proof and demonstrate expertise in solving HVAC issues

Testimonial videos showcase past clients praising your business. They usually reveal why your plumbing or HVAC business was the perfect solution for them and highlight how you solved their yearly air conditioner maintenance issues. These types of videos work well because you have someone advocating for your brand, which provides potential and current customers with social proof.

There are several ways to create testimonial videos: a single case study, capturing before and after processes, or just having past customers speak about their experience hiring you. Testimonials work the same way as proactive word-of-mouth marketing and should be shared on your website and social media channels.

3. Company Videos

Company videos are probably what come to mind when you think of more traditional commercials that show off your company culture and promote your brand. They often feature in-person interviews with staff members mixed with b-roll footage of people working.

Company team videos

Company videos showcase your brand culture and values and humanize your HVAC company to attract your target audience

These videos highlight what makes your company appealing from a values perspective and provide a human touch to your brand. Essentially, they show your target audience what makes your company so great.

4. FAQ Videos

Frequently-asked-question videos that answer your audience’s most pressing HVAC questions are beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, they alleviate the inconvenience of having to answer the same questions time and again. Secondly, customers who have watched your FAQ video content will know who you are and what you’re able to help them with before they call.

Answer and question videos

FAQ videos for HVAC companies provide convenience, pre-educate customers, and foster loyalty by addressing common questions and concerns

You could sit down with a thought leader, customer, or team member for an on-screen chat or produce a solo video where a team member (or you) answer questions people have submitted ahead of time. This type of content is great for social media and YouTube.

5. Review the Latest Equipment

There are always people interested in the latest air conditioner, heating, or air system, so why not create videos focused on reviewing new models? These videos explain products and features in a way that doesn’t feel like selling.

Review videos

Video reviews of the latest HVAC equipment establish trust, position the company as an expert, and foster customer loyalty

Sharing your opinion and helping others pick the best AC system positions you as a reliable industry expert. And who will potential customers hire? You, the expert. Why? Because you’ve built up enough trust online by showcasing your expertise.

Share Videos on Social Media

Sharing videos on social channels is an excellent way to reach potential and own customers and showcase what you have to offer. The average person spends two and a half hours on social media every day. With so many people scrolling through feeds, it makes sense to leverage these platforms for maximum exposure.

Knowing you have a potential customer base already using a specific channel makes it easier to establish your brand presence. So, in other words, you should focus on the channels your customers use. Most HVAC companies use Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

We recommend using your YouTube channel as a central video hub and then embedding those videos on your social media feeds. This is because YouTube is the second-largest search engine and can potentially help you boost your rankings in search engine results.

Popular social media channels include:

  • Facebook: One of the most widely used, and good to target individual customers.
  • Instagram: More visually oriented, Instagram is brilliant for sharing visual video content. Like, TikTok, you can start creating videos natively within the app.
  • LinkedIn: Best suited for commercial clients and companies as the platform slants towards business networking.

Transform your HVAC company’s online presence with our comprehensive guide to social media marketing strategies.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency can help you with the above if you’re unsure how to go about it. Schedule a free consultation.

Videos Help Your Website Rank Higher

In the end, HVAC video marketing is still marketing and is primarily done to promote your business by getting leads to visit your job site. Videos are highly effective because they can be reused and reshared on multiple platforms, from Facebook to your blog to your email newsletters.

We also know that 26% of rich results on Google (information that appears above the website listings) are video, which increases click-through rates. Furthermore, it seems Google prioritizes search results with video content.

Videos also indirectly help with search engine rankings. Two of the most important metrics for SEO are the time users spend on your page or site and the number of backlinks referring back to your website address.

According to research, website visitors spend twice as long on a page with video than without. Moreover, the higher the quality of your content, the more likely you are to get backlinks. As you can tell, video benefits SEO both directly and indirectly, i.e., it influences your ranking and other factors part of Google’s complex ranking algorithm.

If you really want to take advantage of the engaging power of video, then make sure to place a call-to-action at the end, so viewers know what to do next.

Optimize your marketing strategy, boost your business. Simple as that
Optimize your marketing strategy, boost your business. Simple as that

Let us show you how


Hire Video Marketing Pros to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to showcase your HVAC company’s value and connect with a broad range of potential customers. Producing good HVAC video marketing will give your company a competitive edge and help you better explain your value proposition and build connections with your audience.

Not confident you have the skill set to create videos that will yield results? That’s what is here for. Our expert team can help you develop and execute video marketing campaigns that convert. Contact us today to improve your proactive video marketing strategy.

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