The Cost vs. Investing Mindset

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In order to have a successful website for your business, you need three things: A Good Idea , The Right Resources and The Right Mindset. Now, what does that mean, the right mindset? Well, we’ve conducted business with numerous different companies here at Comrade Web over the last eight years and something we’ve noticed is that there is a distinct difference between the clients that receive innovative, successful work and the clients that never seem quite happy with their results. That difference isn't their budget, but their mindset. We see two main mindsets here, the “Cost” mindset and the “Investing” mindset.

What is a “Cost” Mindset?

Someone with a “Cost” mindset is constantly worried about the money being spent and not the final product. We understand; no one wants to feel like they’re throwing money away (which is easy to feel with something you can’t touch and hold, like a website). However, when you focus solely on what your monetary ROI will be, you will miss the chance to create a site that will return much more than money.

How Does a “cost” Mindset Affect My Company?

Having a cost mindset means that you will always be underwhelmed with the work being done. Pinching pennies never results in a satisfied transaction, especially when you’re paying for something custom. Holding the purse strings too tight will end up suffocating your project.

A cost mindset also means that your website will be less inventive and overall less effective. When designers and managers feel rushed, because “time is money”, they will fall back on what they’ve done in the past. Give them more room to breathe and they’ll be able to think of new, creative solutions to your company’s specific problem.

What is an “Investing” Mindset?

Someone with an investing mindset understands that in order to make money, you have to spend money. By giving account managers and designers room to breathe and create you will receive a customized, healthy website. These people are not simply “tossing money around” but instead, giving the agency a budget and the creative reigns.

How Does an “Investing” Mindset Affect My Company?

An investing mindset means that your website is new and creative. Designers and strategists love to find custom solutions when they’re given enough time and resources. Quality agencies will also reward your patience and trust with innovation and ROI you never even considered.

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