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Today we received a call from a Client whose website we built from scratch nearly four years ago. We provided a great design, rock-solid programming, organic SEO and a connection to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Everything except a mobile version of their site. It wasn’t in their budget. “Look at the trend,” we urge them. “People are accessing the Web on their phones and tablets in skyrocketing numbers. In the meantime, Search engine giant Google has determined a preference for websites created with “responsive design”. Google dedicated an entire page on their development catalog explaining the best practices for mobile development and how websites should appear on the front end. Recently, Google has transformed these tips into enforceable “rules”.

Why the change?

Google’s main goal is to deliver relevant search results. When people search a keyword on their smartphones, and Google delivers them to pages designed for larger screens, the problems begin. The page’s interface often causes users a lot of trouble because the layout doesn’t conform to the device on which they’re viewing.

Plus, this situation frustrates Google’s PageRank algorithm since people are forced to navigate through multiple pages of a website to find the information they’re seeking.


No more.

Google has made a dramatic shift to the way they rank sites. From this point forward, websites not programmed with mobile responsive layouts are getting dropped from Google’s search results. That means a reduction in qualified traffic, lost leads and fewer conversions. Bottom line, companies lose money when they don’t “toe the line” that Google has drawn in the sand.

We’ll see you in Google’s search results.
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