How To: Finding and Creating Compelling Images for Your Website or Blog

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Any credible web design agency will tell you, images are critical to the success of your website or blog. Humans are very visual creatures with a very short attention span. Choosing the right images could mean the difference between someone sticking around and actually reading the content you took so much care and time creating and leaving upon arrival. Here are the top four ways you can obtain images for your website or blog and their pros and cons.

Stock Images

While not cheap, many companies utilize stock image websites to find clean, professional photos for their website or blog.



Free Images

If you want to get images offline but don’t have the cash, there are free images online that you can use.



Screen Shots

comrade 600.jpg

Taking screenshots is a quick, easy way to create informative, personal photos for your website or blog.

How to do it: To take a screenshot of your entire screen, hold down the “command”, “shift” and “3” keys. To take a screenshot of a portion of your screen, hold down your “command”, “Shift” and “4” computer keys, click on the top right-hand corner of the image you would like to capture and drag your mouse to the bottom left corner. Release the mouse to take the screenshot.



Company Photos / Taking your own

IMG_6361 600.jpg

By far the best option if you can swing it, custom photos allow for full customization but at a cost.



Written by:
Stan Bogdashin
Digital Marketing and SEO Strategist @ Comrade Web Agency

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