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Manufacturing Industry

Use Your Manufacturing Website To Attract and Hire New Talent

by Comrade Web Agency     |    08/25/15 07:11 PM

Manufacturing Industry

3 Reasons Manufacturers Are Switching To 3D Printing

In a previous blog post, we brought up 3D printing as one of the major technological advances that is transforming the manufacturing industry today. Lux Research predicts that 3D printing will become a 12 billion dollar industry within the next decade, due in large part to global manufacturers. With 3D printing quickly becoming an asset […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    05/06/15 03:06 PM

Manufacturing Industry, Technology

5 Ways The Internet Is Transforming Manufacturing in 2015

At Comrade Web digital marketing agency, we work with a very diverse clientele, helping to revolutionize their industries by bringing them into the digital arena. Our clients in the manufacturing industry have been particularly receptive; in the past few years, new technology and increased globalization has led to unprecedented changes in business strategy for manufacturers everywhere.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    04/02/15 08:32 PM

Manufacturing Industry

Why Inbound Marketing Services Are Great for B2B Sites

From a marketing standpoint, B2B companies traditionally have an advantage over companies that mainly deal in consumer products or services. Why? For one thing, consumers can be very fickle about their purchases, and make their decisions according to appeals to emotion as much as quality or value. Businesses, on the other hand, tend to make […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    02/18/15 08:29 PM