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How to Use Social media for Law Firms Marketing, SEO & Online marketing

How to Use Social media for Law Firms

by Comrade Web Agency     |    08/14/18 08:05 AM

SEO & Online marketing

The Link Building for Lawyers Guide

If you want to build search traffic for your law firm’s website, then you need to develop your link portfolio. Website backlinks are one of the oldest and most important components of Google’s search algorithm. This guide reviews the best link building strategies that comply with Google guidelines. What is link building? In the legal […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    07/30/18 07:26 AM

SEO & Online marketing

Why You Need an SSL Certificate for Google Search Traffic

Over the past few years, Google strengthened their search algorithm by using an SSL certificate as a ranking factor to determine which sites get the most search traffic. It is part of a larger push from the search giant to help users avoid unsafe websites. Their concern is warranted as website attacks continue to increase. […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    07/02/18 09:00 PM

SEO & Online marketing

The Future of Voice Search for Attorneys

On a whim, I asked my Amazon Alexa Echo to find and call a personal injury attorney. In a few seconds, she located a nearby attorney. I called the attorney on the phone through my Alexa Echo. This all happened in 30 seconds. It is an indication of how far voice search has changed over […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    06/15/18 07:33 PM
SEO vs PPC: The Legal Marketing Battle Royale SEO & Online marketing

SEO vs PPC: The Legal Marketing Battle Royale

by Comrade Web Agency     |    05/31/18 05:42 PM

SEO & Online marketing

What Do Your Clients Look for in Their Google Search Results?

Are you a law firm that wants better Google search results? Have you discovered that it might not be as simple as putting up a website and seeing if clients will come to you? Want to know the secret to getting better results? Of course, you do! That is why we are going to give […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    03/27/18 06:47 AM

SEO & Online marketing

One Simple Way to Use Local SEO for Lawyers

Often we get requests about how to use local SEO for lawyers. Attorneys want some quick fixes because they don’t want to waste time going through a long, grueling SEO guide. While there are no long-term quick fixes, here are a few things you can do to improve your local results. This article and the […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    02/16/18 03:56 PM

SEO & Online marketing

The SEO for Lawyers Guide

Getting SEO for lawyers right is challenging. Beyond your usual search engine marketing concerns, you also must follow all federal, state, and local laws. Plus, it helps if you do not run afoul of your bar association. If you do not stay on top of the legal requirements, then your vaunted search traffic might not […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    01/23/18 05:57 PM

Design & Development, Graphic Design, Marketing, SEO & Online marketing

Why Your Website Sucks and How To Fix It

If you are reading this, you are either a) curious as to what this blog is about or b) afraid that our title applies to your website. If you are the latter, then don’t worry. While we can’t diagnose what is wrong with your website (at least not in a blog), we can certainly bring […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    10/24/17 10:53 PM

Marketing, SEO & Online marketing, Technology

How to Improve Your B2B Marketing

Trends change all the time, sometimes in a couple of years or sometimes in a matter of months. When it comes to business to business marketing, the same trend changes also apply. In today’s Digital World, technological advancements are always taking place. The question is how do you keep up with these changes? What trends […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    10/17/17 07:09 PM