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Give Your Blog A Winning Leverage (Part 2) Branding, Copywriting, Growthhacking, Marketing

Give Your Blog A Winning Leverage (Part 2)

by Comrade Web Agency     |    06/26/17 12:43 PM

Branding, Copywriting, Growthhacking, Marketing

Give Your Blog A Winning Leverage (Part 1)

Blogging can either be an enormous tool or an enormous pain for your business. With so many blogs existing and being written, it can be hard to stand out. What may one day be seen as a best practice may be outdated the next. The fact is, the blogging game is ever changing. And so […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    06/19/17 12:40 PM

Branding, Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Terms and Conditions May Apply

As we all know by now, social media can be an extremely effective advertising tool. It’s a way to connect with your audience and have conversations with them in a way that was not possible just a few decades ago.  As this platform evolves and grows, companies continue to throw hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    05/22/17 04:20 PM

Branding, Marketing

How To Make The Most Our Of Your Facebook Ads

When it comes to Facebook ads, most companies use the “hit or miss” approach to advertising, and while “hit or miss” is great for finding out what works with new platforms, Facebook ads have been around long enough for us to have a few key principles figured out. Here are the six key components that […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    03/13/17 03:08 PM
8 Tips to Make Your Kickstarter a Success Branding, Marketing

8 Tips to Make Your Kickstarter a Success

by Comrade Web Agency     |    03/06/17 03:02 PM

Branding, Marketing, SEO & Online marketing

6 SEO Tips to Tackle the Giant

How Startups and Small Businesses Can Complete Online With Big Business As a small business, it can seem almost impossible to compete with big businesses online. They have seemingly endless money and resources to devote to SEO and online marketing, how is a small operation like yours supposed to complete? Believe it or not, the […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    02/22/17 02:51 PM

Branding, Digital Agency, Growthhacking, Insider, Marketing, SEO & Online marketing

How You Can Use Your Employees To Drive Your Marketing Efforts

Effective marketing is a full-time job, but it can be made a lot more manageable with the help of your employees. Adding staff to your marketing efforts has many benefits including potentially reaching a wider audience, improving exposure, and giving your company a more personal touch without adding a bunch of zeros at the end […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    02/07/17 03:13 PM

Branding, Digital Agency

How To Get Quality Online Reviews

Online reviews and testimonials are one of the most important aspects of your website. Surveys convey that some 92% of consumers now read online reviews and that a whopping 68% of those consumers cite positive reviews as a significant trust factor. Getting positive reviews (and responding positively to negative ones) is a huge motivating factor […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    11/28/16 04:01 PM

Branding, Design & Development, Digital Agency

How To: Finding and Creating Compelling Images for Your Website or Blog

Any credible web design agency will tell you, images are critical to the success of your website or blog. Humans are very visual creatures with a very short attention span. Choosing the right images could mean the difference between someone sticking around and actually reading the content you took so much care and time creating and […]

by Comrade Web Agency     |    11/21/16 04:04 PM

Branding, Company News, Digital Agency, Insider

Our Quest for the Perfect Client

At Comrade Web, we’re not looking for clients — we’re looking for partners. As a custom agency, we need businesses that want to partner with us to create things that are effective, new and memorable.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    09/06/16 06:13 PM