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Updated: June 25, 2021

Your Website Can Do Much More. It’s a Smartsite!

Your corporate website is a lot like your smartphone. Your phone’s main purpose is to be just that- a phone. But hardly anyone uses their phone solely to make calls anymore. Your smartphone is also used for entertainment, online banking, note taking, studying, texting, snap chatting, instagraming, Facebooking, drawing, etc. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination, design, and coding. 
Your Website Can Do Much More. It’s a Smartsite!

Leads and Sales

Similarly, your corporate website, when designed and executed properly, can be utilized for much more than a link to put on business cards and yelp profiles. Other returns of investment (ROI) for a corporate website include leads and sales, branding and awareness, employee generation and sales support.

Leads and Sales

One of the more obvious returns of investing in your website is an increase in quality leads and therefore sales. A proper site is designed to attract and convert your target audience, translating into cash money.

Branding and Awareness

Branding and Awareness

Another benefit is continuously adding strength to your brand, by embracing clear on-line branding actions and enhance brand awareness. Your brand is not simply a logo, name, and color scheme. A brand is a sum of what people think of when they think of your company, a sort of mind mosaic if you will. When you think of Apple, for example, your brain may come up with your MacBook from college, your local Genius Bar and a commercial from five years ago. Someone else may think of Apple and envision the logo, that time their iPhone broke and the new Apple watch.

Everyone’s perception of your brand is different and it is something you have absolutely no control over. Branding, on the other hand, is the conscious activity that you perform to try and influence those mind mosaics- this is what you do have control over. Your site plays a crucial role in your branding efforts.

Employee Generation

If you are looking to hire new employees, the first thing they will do after coming across your job posting is check out the company’s website. If your site is not updated and engaging, the prospective employee deducts that you a) don’t invest back into your company, b) are too forgetful to update the site and/or c) not looking to grow or develop. These are not qualities that people look for in future employers.

On the other hand, an updated, fully optimized, and beautifully designed site paints a picture for perspective employees of a desirable work environment. Even if you aren’t currently hiring, oftentimes, if you have a strong site and brand, qualified individuals will come to you – supplying you with more qualified, eager applicants.

Sales Support

Sales Support

The era of cold call selling is over. Most people don’t like to talk to other humans – if they can avoid it. Your website is basically a 24/7 sales professional that works all day, every day to sell your product (and you don’t have to pay it over time).

As opposed to selling with humans, on your site, you have complete control over every word and image your site visitors see. Not to mention, with one-on-one sales, you can only sell to as many people as your employee has access to. On your site, you can sell to thousands of people at once, all around the world, without ever uttering a word.


Community building, client support (live), client care, market research (surveys), marketing automation, and more. We could write a book about that… and we will, but now this is just a blog post.

The benefits of your site, when completed properly, will far exceed the initial investment. If you are interested in building an effective, brand growing, aesthetically pleasing, first in class and innovative type of website for your small business, please contact us to determine if you’re a right fit.

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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