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Updated: June 25, 2021

Use Your Manufacturing Website to Attract and Hire New Talent

As your manufacturing business increases, you need an efficient way to discover new talent at the same rate. Without adding to your team, you risk slowing, or even halting company growth. Entry-level, millennial and technology roles require a distinctive effort to fill because this group is fast moving and technologically savvy. They pick up new technology faster and can thus increase the company efficiency. It's easy to find them, but much harder to get them to listen. Digital recruiting is the most convenient, high-volume way to introduce prospective employees to your company.
Use Your Manufacturing Website to Attract and Hire New Talent

Your company has a face, and it’s not your CEO or HR manager; it’s your company website. Millennials will most likely visit your site before sending in an application or inquiring about an open position. They want to know what the company values, how they might be treated, the work conditions etc., which can and should all be portrayed in your site.

Millennials also view technology as a sign of success. If you have an out of date website with a bland design, expired offers and broken links, they will assume that you don’t invest in your company and therefore you don’t invest in your employees.

Rather than search for and solicit qualified candidates through LinkedIn or email, you should use our marketing for manufacturing companies tips to leverage your website’s strengths to do the “heavy lifting”.

Here are some tips from a Chicago digital agency that you can use to add some aesthetic bulk to your manufacturing website and attract the desirable millennial hires:

Host An Available Careers Page

This one may seem obvious: whether or not you have available job openings, listing your company’s various positions in your manufacturing marketing plan is a must. (No one can apply if your jobs aren’t listed.)

Compared with posting on university career portals, Craigslist, Indeed, and other recruiting sites, showcasing career opportunities on your own company’s website affords you full control of the application process.

Once you’ve completed your new Careers Page, go ahead and post on those other websites – they can only broaden your brand visibility and score points for your Google page rankings.

Promote Your Company’s Values

People move between companies for a variety of reasons ranging from pay and benefits to location and growth opportunities. Studies show the main reason for migration to greener pastures is simply employee dissatisfaction with management. To attract, hire, and retain the kind of talent you want at your company, you need to establish your brand and assert your core values.

Adding a team page is a good place to start. By putting human faces on your company, visitors can gain a sense of key staff members. Each smiling employee photo should be paired with a brief biographical caption (or more). This helps potential new hires envision themselves working with your company and its employees and increases the chances that they will send in an application

You can also devote a page to articulating the history and mission of your company. Prospective candidates can determine whether their values and goals align with yours. Do you have an inspiring rags to riches story? Why are you passionate about this industry? Why did you start this company? These are all questions that humanize your corporation and make you more approachable.

Experiment With Keywords

In order to create effective lead generation for manufacturing jobs, you have to think about the right keywords. The manufacturing industry, among others, often has a wide variance of job titles and descriptions for the same positions. Because these keywords can vary greatly from company to company, your success in drawing qualified traffic to your site is often directly tied to the individual words and phrases that you use to advertise compared to the words your potential hires are typing into Google.

Try experimenting with your keywords to see which combinations of words get the best response. Change the order, use synonyms, find young professionals as ask what they would Google to find a specific position. By changing your keywords, you will be increasing your chances of being found organically.

One method of finding possible keywords is to explore LinkedIn. Search for professionals in your industry, and take note of the keywords they use to describe their skills, credentials, and responsibilities. Modifying the content on your site to reflect these predominant keywords should boost your web traffic enormously.

In Conclusion

The majority of the talent pool you are looking for will be searching for jobs online. You and your company must make sure that, through your website, you are putting your best foot forward and removing all barriers between initial inquiry and sending in an application. If you aren’t and if you haven’t, the manpower you need may search elsewhere.

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