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Updated: June 25, 2021

How Planning and Foreseeing Needs and Development Сan Impact Your “Simple Website”

With the ability to access almost any information online instantaneously with a device smaller than a graham cracker, it's not surprising that our idea of what a website is and how long it takes to create is a little skewed. We frequently get calls from potential clients asking for “just a simple website” and most of the time – that’s not what they really mean. This article will outline what a “simple website” is and why, if we gave you exactly what you asked for, it would be detrimental to your business.
How Planning and Foreseeing Needs and Development Сan Impact Your “Simple Website”

Define “Simple Website”

With today’s advanced technology, it’s becoming increasingly common for there to be a disconnect between web agencies and clients looking for a “simple” website. As consumers, we see thousands of websites every year – usually professionally done. The trend in design is leaning toward cleaner lines, creating the illusion of simplicity. We become used to seeing fine-tuned, advanced websites and label it as the “norm” in our minds. That level of website has become synonymous with “simple” – which could not be further from the truth.

A “simple” website is just that, simple. Another way to describe it would be “bare boned” or “strictly informational”. There is no functionality, no buttons to push or forms to fill out, simply pages with text. For many companies, dependent on size and service location, this is all you need. But, if you are looking to interact with customers on your site, that is anything but simple.

Understanding Development

Unless you have personally coded a website yourself, you probably have no idea the amount of work that goes into correctly developing a website. Every form, button, and action on the site has to be coded to your specific function and design. Adding functions like e-commerce and online scheduling complicates things further. Just like with any brick and mortar business, websites consist of a lot of “behind the scenes” action that no one wants to see, but when completed incorrectly, has adverse effects on the business.

If you are creating a website, please keep in mind that, if you require anything other than a “simple” site, the process takes time to complete correctly. Not only does the code have to be written but it also has to be tested and approved. Although it does take longer, the results are always worth it. You end up with a functioning design that interacts with people 24/7, acting as a continuous sales force. For more information on the ROI of a Company website, check out our blog.

Foreseeing Needs and Growth

The reason that “simple” websites are detrimental to business is because they are rarely created with growth in mind. New companies are in such a rush to create a website that they often unknowingly establish future barriers for themselves. By taking the time to establish future goals and identify needs down the road as you expand, you set yourself up for success. It is much more time and cost efficient to simply edit and add to an existing advanced site than it is to try and make a simple site function the way you need it to. Taking the extra step to set up your website correctly in the first place means that you can grow seamlessly without having to stop and reset every time you outgrow your website.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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