Sasha Berson

Sasha Berson

VP of Solutions

Sasha serves as Managing Partner and VP of Client Solutions for Comrade Digital Marketing, a Chicago-based marketing agency dedicated to solving the most pressing client challenges in the digital age.

In 1993, he immigrated to the US and just eight years later co-founded his first business, a two-person lending company that soon expanded its operation throughout the country. With Sasha at the helm, the business turned into a top-20 multi-billion-dollar funding wholesale lending operation. Sasha sold his equity in the business in 2009 and, a year later, founded another company dedicated to helping small businesses grow stronger.

With his wealth of business acumen and innate understanding of the challenges business owners face, in 2013 Sasha teamed up with Steve Forbes to author the best-selling book, Successonomics. Bolstering his role as a thought leader in the business and marketing spheres, Sasha also contributed articles to and was frequently quoted as part of Forbes Agency Council’s Expert Panel.

Following the success of his book, Sasha spent the next several years growing a software and web development firm into a multinational brand before joining Comrade Digital Marketing. Comrade presented key opportunities that fueled his passion: helping small and mid-size businesses grow through the correct application of SEO, social media, content and local search marketing strategies; and helping Comrade Digital become one of the top agencies in the country.

With his expertise in digital marketing across a multitude of industries, from eCommerce to manufacturing to law firm marketing, Sasha develops client solutions that foster revenue growth and generate solid ROI on marketing investments.

Incredibly family-oriented and a hands-on dad, Sasha’s friends have all named him Father of the Year — an award those close to him believe he deserves every day of every year. He’s an avid motorcyclist, snowmobiler, adventure traveler and given his experience in the champagne business, has been anointed Comrade’s official bubbly supplier for all office parties.

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