12 Reasons Chicago is the #1 Tech City (Part 2)

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The reasons why Chicago is the best for tech startups was just too long to put in one blog post! Here are reasons seven through twelve of why Chicago is the optimal place to establish your next tech startup.

The Events

Chicago hosts hundreds of tech events each year. These events are organized by companies, nonprofits, investors, and accelerators and their content range from networking events to presentations and panel discussions. There are smaller events each week around the city in addition to the larger tech conferences like Techweek, the Chicago Innovation Awards, and the Moxie Awards.

The Education

If you’re looking to break into the tech scene, there are a few things you need to know first – like code. Chicago offers various code schools and bootcamps for those just starting and for anyone looking to expand their digital vocabulary. Each coding school and class is different. Some concentrate on web development, some zero in on a particular language, and others focus on multiple languages and frameworks. Do your research, identify your weaknesses and get to work.

The Dev Shops

You have an idea but not the knowledge or resources to make it a reality. Why should that stop you? Chicago offers hundreds of reputable Dev Shops that will partner with you to make your product or business dreams come true. Make sure you check out their portfolio to get an idea of their strengths and specialties before signing on the dotted line.

The Startups

Each year, tech enthusiasts flock to Chicago to start their companies. Why should you care? They’re your competition, right? Not necessarily. Having a community of like-minded startups all around you means that you can trade secrets and advice and avoid pitfalls that your fellow startups fell into, giving you an edge against the rest.

The Neighborhoods

Chicago has been conveniently divided into different sections, each with their own demographics, interests, and costs. It allows you to better allocate your resources and find the best deals without spending your time looking all over the city.

The Marketing

Because there are so many startups in Chicago, the marketing scene has adapted. Digital Marketing agencies, like Comrade Web Agency, have either dedicated a part of their company to working with startups or are devoted to working with startups exclusively. These agencies use creative, inexpensive methods for getting you, your company and your idea out in the digital world so you can focus on developing your product and we’ll focus on getting it in front of your online consumers.

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