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Updated: April 01, 2022

How to Setup an SEO-Friendly Website Architecture

What Is a Good Website Structure for eCommerce?

The website structure for eCommerce websites is an integral factor for both humans and search engines crawling your site. Therefore, if your site is structured correctly, it can help both your SEO and UX efforts.

Make sure to maximize the impact of your website by organizing it in a strategic, effective way. We’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to do so.

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How to Create SEO-Friendly Website Structure?

Make Your Website Structure Scannable

Scannability refers to how the users can digest easy navigation and content only with a glance. When users are interacting with a website for the first time, they rarely read every word.

Get ahead of the game. Optimize your website for maximum revenue growth
Get ahead of the game. Optimize your website for maximum revenue growth

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Get ahead of the game. Optimize your website for maximum revenue growth

Rather, internet browsers typically gather the information they want within moments, so make sure to improve your website scanning if you haven’t already.

Ensure Your Website is Fast

Google has openly said that page speed is an SEO ranking factor. Plus, the slower your website loads, the fewer pages Google has time to crawl with their allocated budget.

User experience is negatively impacted with a slow page load speed, too. Roughly 47 percent of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

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Name Your Pages with Keywords

By using valuable keywords to your target consumers in the names of your site pages, you can help attract Google’s attention and make it clear the type of information present on your site.

What User Experience (UX) Needs Are There?

Your website should be appealing to both Google and searchers. Here are some tips to improve the user experience on your site.

Make a Main Menu with the Most Important Categories

website structure menu

Include a concise and easy-to-navigate menu to help consumers effectively get to the right pages.

Add Contextual Links

Adding in contextual links to other credible outside sources helps prove to your consumer (and to Google) that you aren’t trying to be an expert in all areas. Improving user experience in this way can help improve your ranks with Google, too.

Delete Old Pages from Navigation

Don’t steer your audience toward pages you don’t want them to see. Instead, keep your website navigation updated and accurate to direct incoming traffic towards more beneficial pages.

Increase your traffic and revenue with search optimization
Increase your traffic and revenue with search optimization

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Increase your traffic and revenue with search optimization


With the right SEO strategies at your disposal, small businesses can lean on their websites to attract new customers and deliver a strong return on investment.

If you’re looking for a team to help with your digital marketing needs, our knowledgeable team at Comrade Digital Marketing Agency is happy to help. So get started with a free consultation!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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