Web marketing for lawyers – Top Strategies for Legal Professionals

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Performing quality web marketing for lawyers requires strategy. Interestingly, winning in the courtroom and winning on the web both require similar planning and execution to work. To help you win on the web, we discuss three top web marketing strategies every attorney must know.

Three Web marketing strategies for lawyers

Strategy #1: Be a thought leader

You don’t want clients using you because you are the cheapest attorney? Instead, you want them to work with you because of your skills and knowledge of the law. The challenge is how to convince website prospects you are an expert?

The answer: offer visitors thought leadership content. This content can be a video, blog post, or podcast. It is not important what you create, so much as you must create something your audience enjoys. If you don’t build this content, then your competitors will.

An added bonus is that thought leadership content is a great lead generation tool.

Strategy #2: Mobile marketing

Most law firms in the country today have a website. The best law firms also have a mobile site.

With the dawn of the smartphone era, law firms must connect with their clients through mobile devices. You need a mobile marketing strategy to ensure you connect with prospects when they need information on the go.

For example, what happens when someone gets into a car crash? What do they do first? Call the police.

While they wait and look at the damage on their car, they research their accident on their phone? Many search for information about what to say to the police. Do others want to know how much the damage costs? Finally, some ask what information they need from the other driver?

They do all this from their smartphone. You might hope and pray prospects don’t find your competitors before getting home to research this further on their computer.

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Strategy #3: Social Media Marketing

First, no you need not have a presence on every social network.

Yes, sign up for every social network your clients’ use. If you are not an active user, let visitors know in the profile where they can learn more about your business.

Second, let’s talk about why you need social media. The truth is most law firms seem similar to clients.

Look at the attorneys below from Avvo. What makes them different from each other? They all seem to have a lot of experience and quality trust signs.

To stop looking like every other attorney, you must build relationships. Social media improve those connections by combining thought leadership with genuine interactions.

Third, the platform is not as important as the intent. Whether you use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Avvo, or some other social network you must decide the best way to stay in touch with your clients. The communication with your clients matters most.

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Web Marketing for Lawyers Final Thoughts

Clients do not find you on the web by accident. Instead, if you want a steady stream of business, then you must have a plan.

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