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Updated: July 23, 2020

Driving more leads to your legal website. How to beat your online competitors.

Managing a website for an attorney is never easy. Why are people not converting to customers? Let’s look at how to solve the problem. Website conversion is the process of customers and clients viewing a website and then dialing your phone number or submitting a form through a “call-to-action”.

As your website is designed to aid those without legal experience choose the right attorney (ie. you), maintaining and updating the accuracy of the information is super important in order to establish a reputable image online, and convey yourself as an authority in the industry. Think of your website like a doormat to your business - make sure its squeaky clean!

Driving more leads to your legal website. How to beat your online competitors.


How do lawyers get leads? Aside from word of mouth, where do their clients come from? According to Martindale-Hubbell, 76 percent of attorney’s clients will start searching online before they decide to use your services.

In order to prevent a damaged reputation or lack of trust in your business (trust is surely key in the legal world), we have done our homework for you and compiled a cheatsheet to help you get the most from your attorney website, and convert those visitors into paying customers. Taking the following steps will exponentially increase your business. Without further ado, we are going to share the best practices for driving more leads to your attorney website.

The Homepage On An Attorney Website! How to catch the attention of potential clients!


What you put above the fold (i.e. the top of the page before the visitor has to scroll down) on your attorney website is incredibly important because that is the first thing that people will see when they land. Therefore, making a good first impression is vital to success. Here is what we suggest to attorneys seeking more leads to their website:

  • Memorable Logo – A strong logo  represents your brand identity. A good logo shows the clients that they have landed on the right website and can also easily remember you to return or get others to see it.
  • Contact NumberA clear contact number should be prominently featured on the front page above the fold to provide quick access, allowing your potential clients to contact you at any time. While the website is a great introduction, eventually they will have to talk to a person and having the phone number on display gives them that easy access. It is also useful for clients who need quick legal advice to get them out of a predicament and they can quickly use you for your service.

Common practices to ensure your legal website is user friendly include:

  • Value adding headline – The best headlines should say everything that they are in as few words as possible. The main point of your headline is to explain to your clients why they should go to you to fix their legal problems. What you say to them as the headline is one of the things clients will judge you on whether you are useful to them.
  • Intuitive Navigation Menu – The navigational menu is very important. To make a well-converting website, you need to make sure people know where to go and the navigation menu goes that for them. It should be easy to see on any mobile device and have only a few places to see such as about and products. Don’t lose valuable leads because of poor site navigation!

Transparent information featured on legal websites gains trust. 

  • Concise Sales Copy – Sales copy is vital for a high converting website. Never just name your features or services, or that you are so amazing as a company. Nobody cares! People have a problem and they are hoping you are the solution, so your sales copy should add value and show your visitor how you will help them meet their goals.
  • Stunning Hero Image – The hero image is the large image or graphic you use in the first large section of your site, above the fold. A picture speaks a thousand words, so if the hero image can show people in less than three seconds that you are a reputable attorney company, and that you will add value to them, they will immediately build an emotional connection with your brand and read on.
  • Clean & Clear Layout – A clean layout is vital to show your potential clients that you care about the tiny details, and it also ensures your sales copy (which you have likely invested time and money into getting right), is clearly legible and structured. Try to use 2-3 lines (4 max) per paragraph for sales copy, and feel free to alternate text positioning and images to break up the site into manageable chunks!
  • Strong Call To Action – A call to action button or CTA button is a necessity if you want your visitors to convert. This is where you ask for them to take an action. Great CTAs have a clear request, like ‘Get your FREE consultation now!’. Notice the time imperative ‘now’ – this has a proven track record for increasing conversions as it suggests urgency. A call to action is also an integral important part of any PPC campaign to generate leads to your legal website.

What’s needed below the fold on an Attorney Website.

The content below the fold (where the user has to scroll down the page to read) must be both engaging and valuable to the reader in order to generate leads to your attorney website. Remember, your website visitor has found you because they have a business legal problem and they are looking for a solution. Therefore, it’s key to add as much value as possible throughout your sales copy in order to prove to them you are worthy of their business.

List of key benefits


Showing your clients a list of the key benefits (not features) that you offer is a great way of illustrating the value your services bring to their business. Benefits are things like we will not get paid until we win your case”, “10 years of legal experience” etc. These are valuable solutions – see?

Team section. Tell your clients who they’ll be working with.


Imagery, especially on an attorney website, is very important in building trust with the visitor. Having a clear ‘Team’ section which showcases the faces and names of your attorneys and wider team will do wonders for conversions. This personal connection is vital to building brand trust so the reader knows who they are talking to and spending money with.

Making Yourself Available to give legal advice.

As a business, you want to minimize the barriers between the visitor and you. This means implementing easy to find contact information such as your email address, telephone number, and office address. Having this on your site not only makes it easier for customers to reach out but implies you are a legitimate business with a physical presence.


A simple contact form is also essential to capture lead information. Make sure you require a valid email address and first name, as well as a larger input in the form to allow for a brief description of their query. Doing so means the visitor doesn’t have to waste time opening their email account to contact you – adding it straight to a contact form will drive your conversions.

SEO is critical in driving  more leads to your attorney website.


SEO is the best tactic to get inexpensive leads. How your legal website is ranked on Google is important as that will be the first place people will go to find your website.  More mobile users will click in the first item they see with a study showing 22 percent do that. That means other businesses that want to work with you or future clients must see where you rank on Google as it is important which one is the first choice.

How do you attract more potential clients who search for legal services on Google?

In order to rank on  a first page for certain keywords, you must have them in on your homepage with certain density. There should be at least 1,000 words below the fold describing in detail what your practice is and what you offer to clients. SEO is one of the most effective ways for attorneys to generate leads.

Reputation section and social proof

Attorney websites need to show people the experiences they had using their service as social proof is the main evidence because they don’t have a product. This means it’s important to showcase the different variety of ways of social proof to give your clientele that trust to stay on your website.

Ratings on legal platforms


Using trusted logos of your online ratings on Yelp, FindLaw, Avvo etc as well as logos of previous clients acts as a showcase to further build trust and is very important for high conversions. It suggests that other brands have worked with you (the more reputable the better) and therefore set’s the visitor’s mind at ease.

In addition to the positive reputation impact, this tactic will also help improve the local SEO benefits to your attorney website.

Video Testimonials


Video testimonials are the best way to showcase an attorney’s social proof. Recording previous clients experiences will help show your future clientele the kind of help that the firm gave them.

Having videos also gives it a more human aspect to it and give out a sense of trust they the website is allowed to show these to promote the attorney. Working with other big-name clients too will also give you that social proof because it demonstrates you are authentic.

This goes into showing corporate symbols and logos as evidence that working with large b2b companies shows people that if the firm can be affiliated with these names, they can be trusted and is a great way for lawyers to generate leads.

Case studies


The best part of marketing is sharing stories and for an attorney firm, sharing case stories are great to have as social proof.

Make your future clients certain that you can solve their problem!

Case stories show how an attorney managed to help with specific challenges set to them that might affect those reading them. A case story is one of many about a firm that can legitimize how they handle cases.

If the firm you have deals with settlement money such as personal injuries, then it is good to prove the whole amount of money given in these cases. Providing a number for people to see will show them how the film can help clients get the amount of money they are entitled to and how successful you have been at the job. Social media has been the lifeblood for many businesses success and failures so having third party website reviews are quite useful to have.

“But what if I can’t disclose any case studies on my website due to privacy policy?”

It’s a very popular issue. In this case we suggest to still publish the case study but hide certain details such as names, street address, etc. Your potential clients doesn’t need to know who the person is, they want to be sure that you have done work similar to their problem before and they can trust you.

Media presence – an another key to generating more leads.

The last kind of social proof is the oldest but still effective and that is publications and media presence. Having places to publish in law can provide validity in the area of law which might not be a wide audience, will still be effective.

Having television commercials and radio adverts promote your law firm can provide a wider audience for people that might not see you online first. Showing them where to go and who you are in an advert can be quick and easy to do with the people going to the website for more details.

A robust media presence also helps build positive brand awareness and enhances any reputation management campaign for your legal website. In turn, this presence helps lawyers generate leads.

Site Design of the Attorney Website


Lead generation for attorneys fundamentally states with the design of their website. The website needs to generate attention if attorneys want more prospective clients to click on their website.

Why is a good design for an attorney website is so important? 

How the website looks is important depending on the color, font and even the picture you put on there as it needs to display who you are as a firm. The color scheme is vital as different colors can either brighten up a page or make it look ugly.An attractive website makes you more approachable. Potential clients are more open  to communication!

The colors you pick have to be able to complement each other and that neither one stands out more than the content of the website itself. Some colors can bring out different feelings as well, for example, red can be seen as fire and passion while green could be money and success.

How you want the text of your website to look is important as like the color scheme, different fonts could have different meanings.

Use images to share important information with your customers.

Different firms and companies will use different fonts to express themselves and in order to do that; an attorney’s font should express their brand and also makes them professional and legitimate. Sometimes you only need an image to show what you want to show people on your website.

The type of images you want to put on your website must be responsive for the clients you want to bring. Creating a visual and emotional impact from just an image can display determination or trust and put your law firm above the rest of them.

Personality is also a  key to gaining more  leads for your attorney website:

Adding personality to your website is great for attracting people to use your service and a great way to do that is with videos.

Videos can be used to explain more complicated issues and services that you provide while also showing a real person explaining it. Sometimes the right video can bring in more traffic to your website.

The layout of how your website is shown needs to be presented in a linear way for future clients to follow. The main reason for this being that clients should be able to see where the next step to go if they want to contact you or want more information without it being confusing.

If there is something that might look nice but only just adds to the page and confusion, it will not help your site in any way.

Avoid outdated modes of communication.

A lot of businesses like to use automatic image sliders to show the message they want to put out but unfortunately, they are not as effective as a hero image. Image sliders can be too long or not bring out the message you want but a hero image is simple, clear to the point and gets the message out there.

While all of these tricks can make your attorney website pop out, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. The reason being if your website gets too crowded with color and images that will divert the attention of the actual content you want to show.

Highlighting the content must be the most vital thing despite any changes to the layout no matter what.

A Mobile Friendly Attorney Website


A good website conversion needs to focus on the ability to be mobile friendly and be used on any device. The main thing is that your website should be able to fit and work functionally of a six-inch device just as well as a normal sized computer screen.

That means making sure the forms used on the legal website can work on a mobile device in order to get mobile leads. The key to making a website mobile friendly is making it easy to use on a phone: clients will be looking for the information they want in only a few seconds. If you provide this content quickly and efficiently it will increase leads.

A study shows that over half of video content is shown on mobile and 92 percent of that is shared with others so videos are vital sources of information for clients to view and share. Pictures as well can save space instead of text, if there are icons for what you want the people to do, use them.

Searching an Attorney Website

How people search for your website is very vital. Since Google is the number one search engine, is more likely that is how people will find your website, so strategizing around that is beneficial. Issues like how fast a website load on a mobile device which is why Google has accelerated mobile pages to help websites load faster so using that service on the speed makes a difference.

That adds to making sure that keeping your website mobile friendly even when searching on google. That is why there is a mobile-friendly test by Google to make certain your website is easy to find on any device.

The domain name you have may not be as important as is once was but is still useful to have the right one for your business if you want to improve the search traffic. Google uses many different algorithms to keep the best searches and they are different on mobile devices compared to computers.

Therefore your website needs to work on those algorithms and that it’s compatible. Having page titles is useful for Google because if they know what the main theme of each page is, they can then direct people to your website using keywords from those pages.

The best work, however, is that there is experience from the user developing the website and maintaining it because that will improve your search performance. By working with a professional developer, your website will command the highest number of leads possible for an attorney website.

Behind the Scenes


The last part of the cheat sheet is the behind the scenes parts that can be used to work on the website. Using google analytics to track the visitors and monitor where they go can be added information to see the behavior on your website.

Like many websites, it is a public area so there have to be concessions that need to be applied in order for the website to concise with ADA laws. These include alt tags, proper color contrasts, and accessible forms.

Danger will always exist on your website so it’s important to keep the security up and working on it. Do this by having the right kind of software and services to protect it otherwise if clients see that it’s not secure, that will deter people away from using your services. If there is a day when something goes wrong, it’s always safer to have a backup website somewhere for safekeeping. It’s also good to have a sitemap for google so that they can understand the navigation of your website and let your clients know where to go on your website.

In the end, this cheat sheet can provide many ways to improve leads to your attorney website, but the bulk of it all comes down to you. A website is a part of your business, not the whole thing so in order to have the best website, having the best law firm, to begin with, will bring you great success. We can help your law firm get more clients through your website.

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