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Updated: August 23, 2022

Using YouTube as a Digital Marketing Tool

Why Is YouTube a Good Place for Digital Marketing?

YouTube is a highly marketable platform to promote eCommerce business, yet it is often one of the most overlooked choices when it comes to digital marketing.

We understand that video marketing can seem like a pricey feat. Creating videos can quickly add up, and it takes a bit of time to create, edit, and post, too. However, taking the time to invest in a YouTube marketing strategy is well worth the effort as it not only provides more content to consumers but drives engagement and creates a more well-rounded brand.

In utilizing videos in your digital marketing strategy, you have an opportunity to share even more about your brand and the products or services you offer, and with the right approach, you can get a great return on investment.


Before we explain how YouTube marketing works exactly, let’s dive into the main perks of this platform.

youtube for digital marketing

The Reach of Your Online Marketing Campaign

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing YouTube for web marketing is its incredible reach.

YouTube garners an audience of 2 billion people, and it’s only set to continue to rise. With such a large potential audience, your eCommerce business can attract a whole host of new customers, all on this one social platform.

Additionally, YouTube is owned by Alphabet. Ever heard of it? They own Google, too, further boosting your potential to reach a massive audience.

Boosting Brand Recognition and Reputation with YouTube

By implementing a YouTube marketing strategy, you have the potential to reach a vast audience you would otherwise miss out on. With YouTube sitting as the second-largest search engine, there’s a lot of potential for video marketing you simply can’t pass up.

In utilizing YouTube for online marketing, you can do a lot to boost brand recognition as your online presence continues to grow. With an active online presence, your brand becomes more recognizable and reputable. Backed by passionate messaging and enthusiasm, YouTube will allow you to further show off your company or brand’s identity and personality for a relatable touch.

Authentically connecting with your target audience will further boost your brand’s credibility and reputation as your name continues to circulate on this massive, high-potential platform. At the end of the day, what keeps a customer coming back for more products or services is a love and respect for the business, and YouTube marketing helps you promote just that.

How Exactly Does Digital Marketing on YouTube Work?

While YouTube is a video platform, there are many ways to utilize social media marketing on this platform to boost your business. Here’s how it’s done.

YouTube Ads as Part of an Internet Marketing Strategy

youtube video advertisementYouTube ads are seamlessly integrated onto the platform and within videos that are posted, appearing before a video begins, within the video at some point, or at the very end. This ensures that those watching a video see your video advertisement on YouTube, likely watching through the whole thing as they remain interested in the content they clicked on.

But how do you ensure your ads appear on the best videos for your target audience? YouTube has this process worked out perfectly. With YouTube marketing, you can get incredibly detailed with who you’re targeting, zeroing in on your goal audience based on various factors. These include:

  • Demographics.
  • Customer Match (engaging with customers who showed interest in your company in the past).
  • Targeting similar audiences to those that normally interact with your ads.
  • Geolocation.

Additionally, YouTube makes understanding your ad’s impact simple with convenient analytics that are easy to find and analyze. Here you can learn more about viewers and how well an ad performed, as well as analyzing cost and budget-related details. Based on ongoing results, you can adjust what demographic sees your ads, constantly improving your strategy.

Creating Video Content

creating video content how-tos

Your video marketing strategy doesn’t need to be only ad-based. Creating your own videos (instead of just incorporating ads into other people’s) is an incredible way to build brand awareness and identity.

There’s a lot of beneficial video content an eCommerce business or brand can create, but it’s primarily about sharing information that otherwise can’t be gathered from a product page. This includes videos like tutorials, videos about answering frequently asked questions, how-tos, and deep dives into a product’s benefits. In answering questions and going above and beyond in providing key insights to your customers, you can build trust with your potential shoppers — a truly priceless gain as customers further connect with your brand.

YouTube Sponsorships and Web Marketing

Another great strategy when utilizing YouTube is influencer marketing. This involves partnering with other people on YouTube that can share your brand and products to their channel and audience. With this route, you must choose an influencer or brand representative that truly aligns with your brand’s own identity and goals. Ideally, they have the audience you’re looking to target.

There are a few ways to boost YouTube sponsorships and marketing. First, you can send an influencer or content creator some free product, or you can offer sponsorships in the form of payment for them to share and discuss your product on their channel. Either route you choose will (hopefully) result in a positive review of your product or business that’s shared directly with the audience you’re hoping to target. The big benefit here is that the review comes straight from the mouth of an influencer they already trust and are subscribed to. When it comes to marketing, it always comes back to trust!



While there are many ways to approach digital marketing for an eCommerce store, YouTube is one of the best platforms to share more about your brand, boosting your company’s awareness and reputation while targeting your unique audience directly.

If you’re not ready to handle a YouTube marketing campaign in-house or want some expert guidance to ensure the best results, our team at Comrade Digital Marketing is here to help. Contact us today, and we will begin working on improving your digital marketing strategy for a stellar YouTube presence.


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Using YouTube as a Digital Marketing Tool

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