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Updated: June 25, 2021

How to Make the Most Out of Your Facebook Ads

How to Make the Most Out of Your Facebook Ads

Want to optimize your Facebook ads to get the best return on investment? Our experts at Comrade Digital Marketing are breaking down how it’s done with the following key tips:

  1. Create a clear goal and call-to-action
  2. Understand opportunities for engagement
  3. Include a visual and a link
  4. Keep messaging brief
  5. Balance promotion and non-promotional content
  6. Prioritize relevance

When implementing Facebook paid ads, we know what works and what doesn’t. As one of the longest-standing social platforms, there are many key insights to gather when utilizing Facebook advertising. With the following six considerations, you’re sure to succeed with your Facebook ads.

Let’s dive right in!

facebook paid ads snapshot

1. A Clear Goal and Call-to-Action

Before implementing Facebook ads to market your business, it’s important to first set an objective for the advertisement. So, what are some typical objectives for Facebook paid ads? There are a few to choose from, and it depends on your businesses ultimate goals, but some top objectives include:

  • Advocating for comments to build your business’ community.
  • Drive traffic from the ad to your website.
  • Boost exposure based on shared posts.
  • Begin a conversation on a specific subject.

With the right objective in mind for your ads, you will ensure more successful Facebook advertising, as each ad works towards your end goals.

However, your pre-ad steps don’t stop with a clear goal. You must also have a call to action. But, what is a call to action on Facebook? A call-to-action button, or CTA button, directs Page visitors to take a specific action, such as visiting your website or calling your store. This is an essential piece of Facebook ads as people tend to procrastinate, but with a CTA, you can prompt people to act now with a button that clearly links to where you want them to go. You can have this say something like “Buy now and save X%” or warn them with “offer ends soon!” Both of these methods will help put some urgency in purchases as they look at your products.

To set up this CTA button, go to your Page and click “Add a Button” below the Page’s cover photo. It’s that simple!

facebook page call-to-action button

2. Opportunities for Engagement

When it comes to Facebook paid ads, you can’t just post anything and expect results. To prompt meaningful, valuable engagement, you must attract people’s attention so they truly want to engage.

So, how do you stand out on Facebook feeds for higher visibility that prompts this genuine engagement? For best results, we recommend:

  1. Posting at the right time. This will depend on your business, but you can see through old ads when you had a higher engagement, so follow those insights!
  2. Utilize captivating videos. Not everyone wants to read a post, so videos are a great addition to quickly catch a customer’s eye.
  3. Encourage conversation. By prompting conversation in the comments or with reposts, you’re sure to pop up on more people’s feeds.
  4. Don’t shy away from entertainment! At the end of the day, social media is an escape, and people are looking for entertainment as they scroll — something you can utilize in ads and videos.
  5. Focus on relevant offers. If you have a sale, or an offer is ending soon, use this to entice engagement — no one wants to miss out on a sale, especially not when they were debating a purchase!facebook advertising relevant offer

There are a lot of methods that can create engagement more effectively than a simple “buy now.” Think about it — how enticing is that really? A simple “shop now” lacks a “why” — why do I need to buy now? And in an environment with so many options, it’s important to go above and beyond when enticing potential buyers.

When setting your eyes on engagement, it’s important to be specific yet realistic. Social media is a fast-paced, quick scroll environment, so paragraphs upon paragraphs of text in an ad aren’t going to fare well. However, while someone viewing your Facebook ads may not want to spend all that time reading, they may write paragraphs sharing their own opinions or experience — something you can leverage, too.

So, instead of a sales pitch or long posts explaining why to buy, there are some wonderful types of engagements that lead to great success on Facebook. These include:

  • Photo captions
  • A survey
  • Ask a question
  • Fill-in-the-blank statements

Try out one of these alternative options when boosting your Facebook advertising, and wait to see the results!

3. A Visual and a Link

facebook paid advertising post plus a link

When it comes to generating clicks on Facebook, linked posts actually outperform photo posts, even when they have links associated with them.

However, there’s more to consider. While linked posts may lead to more clicks, visual content offers a more compelling ad that often performs better within the Facebook algorithm, appearing on more pages for a wider reach and shares. So, what’s the solution? When sharing a link on Facebook, be sure that the link you’re sharing has an image that will then appear on the Facebook feed, making the best of both worlds.

In the case that your link doesn’t have an associated image, or isn’t a particularly enticing one, we recommend opting for a photo post instead and adding a shortened URL that can easily be clicked to drive to your site.

No matter the type of post you choose, you must include a call to action. With a CTA, you’re able to tell potential customers what they should do next. You must be specific with your choice of action words and the instructions that come after to ensure you see the results you’re looking for. Some CTA examples include “Shop,” “Sign Up,” “Watch,” “Start,” “Try,” and “Discover.” Think about what the goal of your ad is, then choose the CTA that best helps you reach it!

4. A Brief Message

No matter how many Facebook friends a person has or how much they post, their feeds are inundated with posts and rants from friends, family, and long-lost acquaintances. With so many posts to sort through, no one is spending time reading a long, multi-paragraph text. For this reason, it’s important to keep Facebook paid ads brief and clear, letting the rest of the elements of the ad do the talking.

For optimal results, aim for around 40 to 70 characters. Yes, it sounds short, but it’s just enough for an effective, to-the-point ad.

5. A Balance of Promotional and Non-Promotional Content

Let’s face it — customers don’t want to constantly sort through sales pitches. For this reason, it’s important to post more than just promotional content, balancing your shares with non-promotional content that long-time and potential customers will enjoy.

When it comes to balancing content, it’s best practice to aim for a 30-70 mix of promotional and value-added content. To be considered a “value add,” you’ll want to create content that shares relevant information on topics surrounding your products, as well as humorous content or content that shows personality to your target audience. With the right cadence, you can expertly target your audience with content that’s relevant to them, without actually pushing a product — something that can still result in sales as customers look to you as a thought leader within your category.

facebook ads balance content

6. Relevance

Last, but certainly not least, is relevance.

Sharing relevant content and information is essential to success when incorporating Facebook advertising in your marketing strategy. The posts you share not only represent your brand or business authentically but simultaneously must engage your audience in a manner that clearly understands their needs.

Customers don’t want to interact with generic, faceless, impersonal bots. Instead, show off your personality and brand identity, while simultaneously encouraging your target audience to share so they feel excited and heard by the conversations your posts promoted.

Not quite ready to tackle this six-pronged Facebook paid ads strategy on your own? Don’t stress, our team at Comrade Digital Marketing know all the ins and outs of Facebook ads to build a stellar presence on this long-time social platform. For any questions or help with your marketing strategy, contact us at 312-265-0580 today.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

If you would like to discuss your project, reach out to our specialists.

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