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Updated: August 29, 2022

Why Personal Injury Law Firms Should Use SEO

Is SEO for law firms still a key part of personal injury lawyer marketing in 2021? In short, yes. SEO is a powerful way to connect a personal injury attorney with clients actively searching for their services online.

It is a tried-and-tested strategy that makes your law firm’s website visible to those interested in your services, and with the right tricks, you can get ahead of the competition and fine-tune your personal injury lawyer SEO methods to find people from specific industries or geographic regions.

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For an example of an SEO strategy working let’s take a look at the case of Levinson Law Group, in which we helped to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, which resulted in immense growth for them.

Personal Injury Law Firm Case Study: Levinson Law Group

Levinson Law Group is a Southern California-based personal injury firm specializing in cases with a particular scope of work focused on vehicular accidents.

They came to us with a serious issue. While the old site was functional, the biggest challenge was that it failed to position the practicing law firm as leaders within its industry, and important information about them was not properly communicated. They also lacked a compelling story that would help more clients connect with who they are, and help them understand what sets them apart from other companies in this space. They relied heavily on paid ads instead of implementing an effective law firm SEO strategy for sustained growth over time.

<span style=Attract more leads to your law firm“>
Attract more leads to your law firm

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We came with a simple yet elegant solution. Our CDMA team is known for its innovative and engaging content. The first step was to completely rebuild the site, clearly communicating the firm’s impressive track record and story in an easy-to-follow format, with a video component that reinforced this reputation. They also streamlined navigation of new pages as well as putting together an effective sales funnel that provides results.

SEO for personal injury law firms

Then it was time for search engine optimization. As a Southern Californian personal injury law agency, they were not reaching the right client base. After analyzing their marketing SEO strategies, it was clear to them that there needed to be a change of tactics to generate leads.

The solution came when our team started working with onsite SEO. We also strategized off-site activities which increased both visibility at local levels coupled with strengthening reputation throughout Southland county overall, which resulted in more than 200% growth in leads. All this was achieved with less money spent on paid Google Ads, too!

SEO vs PPC for Personal Injury Lawyers

SEO, or search engine optimization, is just one of many forms of online marketing. PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, is another. Both methods make your website visible online, but PPC is generally less targeted while SEO is a way of directly reaching people already searching for your services.

The Right Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Having the right law firm SEO strategy is essential for reaching new clients. It takes many forms, from perfecting content to using multimedia on your website.

High-Quality Content Strategy

A high-quality content strategy ensures visitors to your website get access to genuinely informative and helpful information. It also ensures search engines rank your current website higher up than sites that offer unhelpful and unoriginal content.

Also, make sure your website is no place for thin or duplicate content. They are for all intents and purposes are killers of personal injury lawyer SEO. Many personal injury attorneys have content templates that they reuse over and again.

Scrubbing the site of anything and everything that doesn’t fit with your marketing strategy goals will provide a more focused experience for users. It’s also important to keep in mind: If you clean house, we might see an increase in rankings too!

Local SEO Strategy for Personal Injury Firms

Why is local SEO important? First and foremost, local SEO allows you to hone in specific neighborhoods, towns, and regions to target your marketing efforts with precision. After all, most potential clients are searching for attorneys close to where they live and/or work. They are conducting what we call local searches.

Local SEO also helps you beat the national competition on Google, giving you an edge and making it easier to find people searching specifically for services in their town, city, or state.

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Your law firm is a business, just like any other. Include your brand name and information on every page of the website, so customers can find what they need when it comes time for a consultation or legal services! You should also sign up with Google My Business in order to make sure that Google Maps knows how accurate these directions are from their perspective as well – including whether there’s free parking nearby.

There are a lot of nuances when it comes to local SEO and local ads optimization, so be sure to check out our blog about Google Local Service Ads optimization to improve your search rankings.

Use the Right Keywords

Why are keywords important? Keywords are the first consideration in personal injury SEO, but so is the way you use them. You must use law firm keywords naturally in your content, while also avoiding keyword stuffing and other techniques frowned upon by search engine algorithms. Poor keywords that are either too vague or are highly over-used can cost you potential clients because Google and other search engines will not be able to rank your website higher than those of your competitors.

Connect with Partners to Make Useful Links

Are backlinks important? Backlinks to other websites, and from other authoritative websites, build your site’s credibility with link building for lawyers and show search engines you are professional and trusted. This type of link-building, with its ability to engender trust in your prospective clients, enhances overall brand loyalty for your firm.

Use Photos and Videos

Present your company and brand with high-quality and original photographs and video. Multimedia on your website helps boost your rankings on search engines. Choosing the right media for your website conveys credibility and expertise to your potential clients.

personal injury law website media

Break Your Content Into Niches

Personal injury attorneys work with a wide variety of cases, ranging from motor vehicle accidents to dog bites. People always search for these specific cases, and if you market yourself only as a personal injury law firm, there are fewer chances for people to find you. It’ll be harder to distinguish oneself, or break into the top rankings on search engines. Niches help SEO for personal injury law firms.

You have to think about the way prospective clients search for things and conduct keyword research to find out what they’re looking for. They’re not going to type in “personal injury law firm,” they’ll be more likely lookup “dog bite injuries”, “medical malpractice” or “car accidents lawyers” instead! Consider serving these specific niches if you can identify an underserved area within this field of work that needs attention; it will make your company stand out from other businesses targeting similar markets.

Want to get similar results? Then this is your golden ticket! At Comrade, we have a team of highly skilled digital marketing experts who can help your personal injury law practice step up to the next level with great marketing ROI for attorneys. For a free consultation and to find out more about how our comprehensive approach can boost your SEO rankings, reach out to us online or on the phone at (312) 265-0580.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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