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Updated: August 25, 2021

How TikTok and Other Social Media Can Grow Law Firms

**Author’s note: We are closely following the ongoing controversy surrounding social media giant TikTok and should any relevant developments occur, we’ll be sure to update this post. 


TikTok is an app designed to make and share videos that have blown up in popularity in the last year. Specifically, TikTok features short, relatable and shareable videos that often tap into humor to grab the attention of the audience.

With 800 million active users worldwide and 5.5x growth in an 18-month period in the US, TikTok isn’t only taking the world of social media by storm, but it is also taking the world of digital marketing by storm.

Despite 41 percent of the platform’s users being 16-24 years old, businesses, especially lawyers, may wonder where this platform can fit into their marketing strategy. Brands have the opportunity to make money off of TikTok in three ways:

  • Create a brand-specific channel to upload relevant videos to attract attention.
  • Work with a TikTok influencer who can help shed light on your business or product.
  • Pay TikTok for advertising space; although there are marketing capabilities on the app right now, it will take a little time for the platform to develop its market.

Brands can also utilize a combination of TikTok marketing strategies to get new eyes on their company. Because the TikTok advertising market is still so new, it is a great time for brands to get on the platforms and begin making a name for themselves.

Inspiration for Your TikTok Game: 10 Lawyers Who Have Gone Viral on TikTok

Lawyers have specifically tapped into the TikTok market to help people learn more about their field and provide entertainment in the process. Gather inspiration from these 10 lawyers who have built a name for themselves on TikTok.

1. Ethen Ostroff

tiktok strategy

To date, Ethen has 218,000 followers and 6.8 million likes on his TikTok account. He refers to himself as the TikTok Lawyer and began growing his account in October of 2019. Ethen’s most popular videos feature him answering common questions submitted by his followers.

Unlike platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, TikTok features trending sound bytes that are an easy way to enter the market. Videos that utilize the popular sound bytes are exposed to tens of millions of accounts instantly.

Ethen credits his success to consistency, as he aims to post at least once per day in order to build a catalog of content for himself.

2. Anthony Barbuto

tiktok marketing strategy

If you’re looking for the most-followed lawyer on the platform, this is him. He currently has 2 million followers and a total of 36.2 million likes on his videos. Anthony Barbuto is known for putting out quirky, relatable and simply plain enjoyable videos.

Anthony’s account is especially popular because it combines both his legal side with more of his personal life, allowing you to see his personality. Customers like to be able to see who the person is behind the brand or the product, and TikTok is a great platform to show off your personality.

3. Brad Shear

tiktok for lawyers

Brad is a tech lawyer meaning he deals with issues revolving around businesses, privacy, and social media. He has done particularly well on the platform for this reason. To date, Brad currently has 1.1 million followers and 43.6 million likes.

4. Calina Plotky

tiktok digital marketing

Calina is a family attorney who has 364K followers and nearly 12 million likes. She not only talks about her career in law, but she also opens up to her followers about her chronic illness called interstitial cystitis.

5. Attorney Tom

tiktok marketing for lawyers

Personal injury attorney Tom has half a million followers and 14 million likes on his account to date. He makes a combination of educational and hilarious videos to keep his followers engaged.

6. Adam Juratovac

tiktok lawyer strategy

Adam is a California lawyer with 350K followers and 5 million likes. Adam has even put together a video that features a variety of different lawyers on TikTok in one video, featuring many who are mentioned in this article.

7. Ryan Chevenert

tiktok digital marketing

Ryan is a lawyer in Louisiana who is continuing to gain traction. He currently has 58K followers and 826K likes and his videos combine both legal topics with entertainment and humor. He also answers legal questions that he receives through his direct messages.

8. Ali Awad

tiktok business strategy

Ali is a personal injury lawyer who has nearly 150K followers and 3.7 million likes on TikTok. He speaks three different languages and uses all three of them to communicate information and advice in his videos.

9. Lawyer Kelly

tiktok long term marketing strategy

Kelly is a family law attorney in California who provides informative yet dynamic videos. She currently has 304K followers and 5.9 million likes on her page.

10. Tori

marketing strategy tiktok

Legal immigration lawyer Tori lives in DC with her husband. She makes educational and informative videos about pressing topics while adding her own flare and humor. Tori has 30K followers and 1.7 million likes.

How Can Followers Turn Into Clients for Lawyers on TikTok?

While it’s true that the number of followers or likes you get on TikTok doesn’t directly translate to clients, you will inevitably get more eyes on your business. You can direct viewers back to your website by including your URL in your profile’s description.

However, the language on TikTok needs to be natural. If you end your videos with “contact me to learn more” instead of “reach out with any questions,” your marketing strategy will likely backfire. The last thing people want to see on their feed is unsolicited marketing.

By creating unique and authentic content for both your area of practice and your personality, you can grow a strong audience base. Posting authentic and real videos can help your audience get to know you and ultimately trust you.

Think of TikTok as a long-term marketing strategy. Not everyone that sees your videos will need to utilize your services right away. Utilizing TikTok, however, is a tactic to help stay relevant and memorable so when your followers need a lawyer, you’re the obvious choice.

Marketing Tips to Build a Strong TikTok Profile

TikTok is unlike any platform before, so lawyers and other business professionals are still figuring out the best ways to implement it into their digital marketing strategies.

Some brands mistakenly shy away from using TikTok because the audience skews young. What these brands misunderstand is TikTok’s outstanding ability to reach thousands, even millions of people within seconds.

It’s significantly easier to go viral on TikTok than other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Plus, when you create an account on the app, your first video is featured multiple times on the #foryou page, the main hub of trending videos. This alone can help brands create mini-viral moments with minimal effort.

Here are some helpful tips to start your business TikTok career on the right note.

Create Original Content Regularly

Figure out your unique selling points for both yourself and your business. Even if you aren’t unique in your business, you are unique in your personality. TikTok is the perfect place to show off a combination of both business expertise alongside your personal passions.

Whether you’re a family lawyer who loves to cook on the side or a civil defense attorney who loves to sing, you can, and should, show off your authentic self.

Making quality videos is an integral part of any successful TikTok campaign. Try to film in front of a window or even outside to get natural light, but be careful not to film in the same background or TikTok may mark the video as repetitive.

The TikTok algorithm also rewards videos that have text over them, so adding a small amount of text can help increase the chances that your videos are seen.

Use Trending Hashtags

Challenges on TikTok are the heart of the community. To many TikTok users, there’s nothing more exciting than a new challenge taking over the platform. It means there’s a new opportunity to get involved and interact with other users.

If you notice a trend that you could recreate on your brand’s account, take advantage of this opportunity. You never know who will end up seeing your video and reaching out to you to learn more.

tiktok for business

For example, tv personality and host Jimmy Fallon created the #tumbleweedchallenge on TikTok that encouraged users to post videos of themselves rolling on the ground to western music just as a tumbleweed would.

The challenge quickly gained traction and led to 8,000 submissions over 10 million engagements on the platform.

Once your account has enough traction and momentum, you can begin to be creative and start challenges of your own.

Be Mindful of Hashtag Clutter

Some social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram implement hashtags into their functionality to help sort content for users.

TikTok users should be aware that the platform doesn’t operate in the same way as these platforms. You may think that you’re helping your brand by flooding your posts with relevant hashtags, but this strategy can backfire.

On TikTok, utilize hashtags only if you’re participating in a trend or you are being paid to do so. Otherwise, using them can cause your clutter to become cluttered.

Interact with Users

Interaction is the focal point of TikTok, so if you want your brand to make a name for itself, make sure to not only post consistently, but to consistently interact with other accounts.

tiktok business strategy

If someone leaves a comment on your recent post, make sure to interact with them back. You can also leave comments on other people’s videos to engage with their content with the hopes that they will do the same to yours.

TikTok uses comments as part of its algorithm so this is an easy way to boost engagement.


All this said, if TikTok remains a reliable source for businesses looking to leverage their brands, it is worth considering to add to your own digital marketing campaign. Even industries like the law are finding a way to tap into the booming app’s growing audience to help bring awareness to their business.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’d be happy to help. Contact us by phone or through our website to learn about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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