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Updated: December 01, 2021

Complete 2022 Guide to Technical SEO for Lawyers

What is Technical SEO for Lawyers?

Technical SEO is a process that ensures your law firm website conforms to the technical requirements of online search engines. Its goal is to improve organic search engine rankings. When a search engine crawls, indexes, and renders your website, it retrieves your pages, runs your code, and assesses your content to understand your website’s layout or structure. If your SEO is correctly optimized, search engines can crawl, index, and render your website’s architecture and rank it accordingly.

Why is Technical SEO so Important for Lawyers?

Technical SEO for attorneys is important because it makes it easier for Google to access and rank your website’s content. You can publish compelling and valuable content, but it won’t drive the kind of organic traffic you desire to your website if it isn’t technically sound. On the other hand, when your SEO is properly optimized, your lawyer website will rank higher on Google search engine pages (SERPs), and more prospective clients will click on your website.

The only way for Google bots to determine your ranking is to access your site’s technical aspects. For example, besides SEO keywords, a crucial factor is the quantity and quality of your backlinks. Backlinks are referral links from other websites to yours. A website with a few backlinks signals to Google that your credibility is low. However, if you have many backlinks, the search engine will regard you as a popular and reliable source.

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How Can You Improve Your Attorney Technical SEO?

In a nutshell, technical SEO is about structuring your website data to boost your search engine ranking, and there are many ways to do so. A technically optimized website produces a better experience for both users and search engines. Below are some elements to consider:

Improve Loading Speed of Your Law Firm Website

Your attorney website needs to load fast. According to Dotcom-Tools, the average website loading benchmark is 1.3 seconds, and that was in 2018. A slow website frustrates users, and they are likely to move to another site. Search engines like Google automatically rank slow websites lower because they know they offer a poor user experience.

bounce rate by page speed

One way to speed up your site’s loading time is to minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML (optimize code by removing spaces, commas, and other superfluous characters) and compress images.  For this technical process, it’s probably best to hire an SEO agency to assist, as a simple line of incorrect code can stop your law firm website from working properly.

Don’t Forget about Robots.txt Files

Robots.txt files are created by text file webmasters and instruct engine robots to crawl your lawyer website.  To avoid overloading your website with requests, they direct robots on which pages to crawl and not to crawl.

They prevent search engines from accessing certain parts of your website, prevent duplicate content, and offer helpful tips on how engine robots can most effectively crawl your attorney’s website. Crawling too many pages negatively affects your SERP ranking. When you optimize your lawyer technical SEO, you instruct Google to only crawl the most valuable pages.

Optimize Your Attorney Website for Mobile

Effective technical SEO for law firms should include mobile optimization that ensures users find it easy to navigate your website if they’re using a smartphone. As of 2021, 63% of Google’s US organic traffic originated from mobiles. Therefore, no law firm can afford to neglect or underestimate the role of mobiles in SERPs.

technical SEO lawyers mobile

The same attorney technical SEO principles apply here. Mobiles have smaller displays and are mainly used in vertical mode, so your website layout and architecture should be considered. We recommend avoiding pop-ups as they don’t translate effectively and following general SEO best practices.

Check your Lawyer Website for Dead Links

A dead or broken link takes users to an empty or nonexistent external webpage when they click on it. 404 error pages create a bad user experience and devalue SEO efforts because they restrict the flow of link equity throughout your attorney website.

There are several free tools available online to check for dead links, with Google Analytics ranking best. Dead links can be external or internal and can be fixed by updating or removing them entirely.

Make Sure You Don’t Duplicate Content

Duplicate content adversely affects technical SEO attorneys because it confuses Google and forces search engines to choose which of the identical pages should rank in its results. More often than not, the original page will not be the one chosen for top search results.  To eradicate duplicate content, you need to specify the “correct” version and redirect the content back to the original page.

Organize your Law Firm Website

Websites that rank higher on Google have flat, organized structures. In other words: their pages are only a few links away from one another. Flat structures have consistent URL structures and make it easy for search engines to crawl a 100% of a website’s pages.

A straightforward way to visualize your website’s architecture is to imagine a clear, hierarchy tree structure. Experienced back and front-end developers can help you optimize and organize your lawyer website to attain this type of structure.

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Achieving technical SEO for law firms drives website traffic and brings in prospective leads; however, it requires expert technical comprehension and finesse.  As a full-service eCommerce digital agency, our SEO designers and developers can help you take care of these technical aspects so that you can focus on your clients. Click here to request a free consultation, or call us to find out how our SEO strategies can improve your client acquisition.

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