Why Google+ Matters to Your Business’ Bottom Line

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Business owners are asking: "What does Google+ have to do with me?" Think it’s just one more social media site? It's not. While Twitter is for celebrity gossip, Pinterest for hobbyists and facebook for high school connections and family photos, Google+ is carving out its niche as business friendly. Google+, run by the industry's largest search giant, is making a big effort to actively reach out to companies. Specific tools have been created for businesses to enhance engagement with customers, increase fan-bases, generate value-add content, and improve the businesses ability to operate. Google is the inventor of Google Glass.

What is Google Community?

By creating a Google+ account, Google Community is made available to you as a platform that fosters shared participation with like-minded people in topics as varied as your imagination. When you ‘join’ and ‘share’ with other business owners, you can seek advice, offer expert opinions and collaborate on solutions. Private communities keep the information exchange limited to you and your fellow Google Community members. None of that data is made available to the general public with Google’s main search engine portal. Alternatively, when you’re ready to broadcast your ideas, switch your setting to ‘public’ and let the world enjoy your brilliance! And yes, it will improve your SEO and Online Marketing!


Posts + Hashtags + Your participation = Improved company search ranking!

Google recognizes its public communities and rewards them with link juice. Thus, when customers, fans and employees link to your Google+ Page, all those posts, hashtags and reviews add to the strength of your company as a valuable search result. Get active in Google+ today, and you’ll be happy you did! By increasing traffic to your website, your company will enjoy expanding its digital footprint, growing its online brand, and, significantly, resulting in more bottom line business.

It’s worth a conversation to set your project apart.


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