The Music that Inspires Us

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One of the most effective tools that people use to motivate and inspire themselves, is music. Here at Comrade Web Agency, when you enter the office, you are either greeted with the sound of music blasting or silence as everyone plugs in his or her own headphones to listen to their preferred music genre. Here is the music that inspires us.

Peter – Marketing Strategiest

When I really want to buckle down and complete tasks, I listen to the Skyrim Soundtrack. While some may find this choice odd, video game soundtracks are designed to help players focus on the gameplay, so it makes sense that it would also help me keep focus on the task at hand. Not to mention, video game soundtracks are also usually pretty epic and empowering!

Ivan – CEO

I find the E2 album to be good for concentration while I complete creative work. It’s long enough that I can get some serious work done before having to search for more music and the beat helps me find my working tempo.

Andy – Copywriter

I am so easily distracted by words; therefore, I usually listen to classical music with no words in order to get work done. My favorite as of late is the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. I know the songs well enough that I can hum along without getting distracted by any lyrics.

Norman – Senior Web Designer

I listen to techno and tech house while I work. The constant, steady beats keep me alert and on track and the lack of words helps me focus on my task. I think lyrics can be really distracting while you’re trying to make creative work. The music also helps to keep me awake. Who needs coffee when you can just turn up the bass really loud? 😉

Chris – Account Manager

I’ve really been enjoying the Podcast “Thirty Twenty Ten”. While not technically music, I find that the constant flow of new information keeps my brain alert- allowing me to complete tasks in a more efficient manner. Each weekly episode covers the events of that very week from 30 years ago, 20 years ago and 10 years ago. I learn about and am reminded of forgotten movies, timeless TV episodes and songs that were (rightfully) left to the past.

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