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Responsive Corporate WordPress Sites

It is deceptively easy to launch a website these days, especially a WordPress website design, especially with WordPress being the largest and most popular content-management system in the world. However, if you want an effective online representation of your business, do not fall for the system’s simplicity. A highly-converting website design always starts with your buyer’s persona and their journey in mind and requires deep understanding of your target market, as well as identifying a clear goal that your website should fulfill.

Do you need your website to:

  • Directly sell to your prospects?
  • Give your prospects more information about your products or services?
  • Get your prospects e-mail address?
  • Direct your prospects to a physical location?
  • All of the above. If so, which is most important?

Once we help you identify your buyer’s persona and the #1 goal of your website, we invest time and resources in finding the right strategy for achieving that goal. To do this, we analyze your industry and the general recommendations about what works and what doesn’t. We also inspect your competitors’ websites and see which website sections work for them and what mistakes they’re making. This allows us to position you as an online leader in your field from user experience point of view.

At this stage, we present our concept for your corporate WordPress website and while we are always open to your suggestions, it is important for us that we create a website that appeals to your end client and not just to you. Many web design companies are more interested in satisfying their clients instead of their clients’ clients — which is where they fail. Not us. While we will stick to your brand vision, you must remember your sense of style is subjective, while the numbers we look at when designing a website are not.

Your web design affects your success in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) too, which is another factor we take into consideration when preparing your website. Since the ultimate objective of all search engines is to improve the usability of the web, if you want to rank higher on Google, you need a website that is built with solid technological expertise and offers effortless navigation.

Of course, your Comrade WordPress website design will come with a user-friendly admin system that would allow you or anyone in your team to update the content, even with zero HTML expertise.

Custom Website Development

Finding a quick, effective, and an affordable team that offers a full range of top-quality custom website development services is one of the most difficult tasks for both new and established businesses. If you’re also looking for a custom website development agency that has marketing expertise and ultimately builds websites that sell, then your mission becomes almost impossible.

Unless you choose to work with a Chicago-based Comrade Web Agency. By implementing a system of innovative processes that allow us to understand the specific custom website development and marketing needs of each of our clients, and offer custom solutions to meet every need, we have cut the time for producing a website in half without it affecting the quality of the work delivered.

Our team is experienced in utilizing all popular technologies to help you achieve the goals of your website, including, but not limited to HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET MVC, .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.0, MS SQL, AJAX/Javascript/jQuery, XML, Google Maps API and other GIS technologies, eCommerce integration and WordPress custom theming and development. You can count on us to develop customized websites and plugins quickly, and to stick to our high-quality standards on every step of the way.

While the technological process of developing a website is not usually viewed as part of the marketing of a business, even here we focus on lead generation and website conversion rates. To ensure your website performs as well as you want it to, we apply our UX, CRO and SEO expertise to every project.

Nowadays, most online users browse the internet on mobile devices, which is why all websites we create feature a responsive, mobile-friendly design and are configured for optimum conversion capacity.

Ecommerce sites

eCommerce web design and development services are a must for any online retailers that want to drive huge amounts of traffic into their online stores. The development of successful eCommerce sites requires a specialist attention including theme development, shopping-cart, plug-in & module development.

While top-notch user experience, mobile responsiveness and focus on your buyer’s journey are essential for the success of any online business, they could literally make or break your e-store. What percentage of your web visitors end up purchasing? What percentage start purchasing, but leave their carts? What percentage go directly to a competitor?

And do you know why?

In order to be effective, e-commerce websites must be flawless. Clunky designs that are confusing or frustrating to navigate will simply fail to inspire your audience to complete the purchasing process. Any minor glitch, any slight setback in the browsing or checkout process can be enough to deter even the keenest of online shoppers. Another major turn-off is slow website speed, which can cause online shoppers to lose patience.

If you’ve been in the business for a while, but you’re not seeing the results you want, we can help you analyze your store’s data based on the specific industry you’re in and the performance of your competitors, and then use that to take your website and your business to the next level.

If you’re just starting out, we’ll make it easy for you by doing all the necessary research right off the bat and deliver a website that will blow your customers’ socks off and deliver you the results you want.

Comrade’s e-commerce website design team, made of marketing strategists, UX designers, and developers is able to build custom eCommerce platforms that are completely unique and designed to meet your exact needs. We can also use a wide variety of popular platforms, including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, nopCommerce, OpenCart, WooCommerce and Virto Commerce; to create an eCommerce site that is more standardized yet still reflects your brand’s unique properties and values and is still able to attract your core customer base.

Whether you choose a custom designed eCommerce platform or a more standardized solution, we will provide your e-commerce business with the tools that will enable you to meet your sales goals, no matter how ambitious.

We are very experienced in integrating the following:

  • Payment Gateways
  • Variable sales tax
  • Inventory and third-party tracking
  • Product variations
  • Pricing models
  • Dynamic shipping and tracking via major international shipping companies

Mobile App Design & Development

Modern mobile browsing habits mean that your app has only seconds, possibly even less, to hook potential users. And the only way that your mobile app can capture and sustain attention in such a short space of time is through outstanding design and through providing real usability value.

Our team of app designers have the skills and experience to know how and why some apps work in this respect, and why some don’t.

It starts with knowing how to work within the constraints of technology. We know that a one-size-fits-all is never going to be the ideal approach. Our team has a broad and diverse understanding of design and UX. Having identified your target audience, we will put ourselves in the shoes of the user to design an app experience that responds to their needs, their wants, and their triggers. To be successful, apps must be designed strategically and from the user’s perspective.

And this is what we offer: superior app design that targets your preferred user base, captures their attention and keeps it. We are committed to the success of your app and we will make full use of our experience and expertise to develop first-class, innovative mobile products. Our commitment to your success applies to all development stages from strategy, through design and to coding.

Product Strategy

Our team includes strategists, UX designers, coders and product managers. We bring diverse experience from many years of building, launching and growing mobile apps. We focus on real data and base all of our decisions on these, rather than relying on guesswork.

We take full responsibility for the following aspects of mobile app development:

  • Competition Research
  • User Identification and Profiling
  • Performance Infrastructure: Analytics & KPIs
  • Product Value Mapping
  • Ongoing Business Modeling
UX & UI Design

Our goal is to design products that respond to users’ specific needs. The initial steps are to find out what these needs are and then to understand what will users will consider an adequate response. Our UX & UI designers will work closely with your team, guiding them through every step of the process. From understanding the experiences that need to be created to building the wireframes, from prototyping to finalizing a remarkable user interface, we will be there with you.

We are experienced and fully competent in the following aspects of mobile app development:

  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Design explorations
  • Full UI design creation
  • Identity & App Icons
  • Graphic assets for app stores
Native App Development

To build native involves making use of all of the capabilities of the mobile device. It means not compromising in any way when developing a user experience. And eventually this will also mean a solid foundation for scaling up and turning a mobile app into the basis for a genuine business. We use Java for Android and Swift for iOS, with an uncompromising focus on clean code and optimum performance.

We offer the following services:

  • Full project planning
  • App Architecture
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Full app publishing support
Product Testing & QA

Anybody with any experience with software development knows that bugs are an inevitable part of coding. And of course, testing and debugging are part of the development process. All of our projects are allocated appropriate testing resources to ensure the delivered products are solid and free from bugs. From the first builds to the app launch, our testing team will make certain that any errors are spotted, all bugs are discovered and that the entire product works as intended.

Landing Pages

A website’s landing page is the online equivalent of a shop’s front window. It has a powerful influence on whether your target audience will want to browse your site and place orders.

An effective landing page design is very different if you’re selling services or products; if you’re going for subscriptions or webinar sign-ups.

We will never underestimate the power of an attractive, well-designed landing page with all of the important features to the success of your business.

A research-based approach to landing page design

Our team will conduct in-depth research to discover what motivates your visitors to convert, and reverse engineer a path that works for them and for you.

Custom designed landing pages

We can build your landing page from a template, if this is what you require. However, we always recommend a custom-built landing page that has been designed to meet the specific needs of your business and your customers. We offer a full landing page design and build service, focusing on these aims:

  • Giving the best possible first impression to your customers
  • Focusing on one visitor goal
  • Continually increasing conversion rates
  • Catering to as many different types of visitors as possible
  • Attracting the highest-quality conversions

All of our landing pages have the following features:

  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Messages matched to your target audience
  • Geographic accuracy
  • Simplifying next steps to the end user
  • They are built for easy and quick ongoing testing
Scientifically Valid Results

It’s easy to follow your instincts when it comes to landing page design, but it is far better to use tried and true processes. We balance conversion improvements with real changes in business results. Higher conversion rates do not necessarily equate to more income being generated. We are able to identify statistical significance and confidence levels significant enough to determine whether a landing page has been successful, or whether it needs further development.

No landing page can succeed if developed in isolation. We take the full funnel into consideration from the start to the finish and this helps us to design the best performing landing pages. We are also committed to a superior user experience. We match UI & UX with our scientific approach to conversion and apply this to all our landing page designs.

We guarantee that you will notice the results on your balance sheet. The bottom line is that our landing page design service has the potential to make you more money. Increase in conversion rates is not enough to measure performance. It is increase in revenues that should always be the aim of landing page design.

Logo Design & Branding

Your brand is your connection to your audience. It is the single strongest tool you have for building a base of consumers who identify with you, your business and your products and services. A good brand identity should represent the essence of your business, defining you and everything you represent. A successful brand identity will speak to its audience, instilling in them a sense of familiarity, a sense of excitement, a sense of belonging.

Your logo will almost always be the first thing that consumers recognize from your brand. Your logo is your most fundamental and essential signifier. And yet so many brands struggle to get their logo design right.

Ideally, a logo should evoke the core values of your brand while standing as a powerful visual emblem that triggers a response in your consumer audience. This means that the logo needs to be simple, versatile and timeless, as well as memorable. We can help you to create the perfect logo for your brand that will give your business a highly professional feel and look and become more competitive.

In addition, we can help you to standardise other visual cues that can be associated with your brand: typefaces, colours, icons, imagery and other key design elements. These can be applied to any aspect of your business that your customers come into contact with. The key to success of any brand is consistency and this lies at the core of our approach to the standardisation of a brand’s visual imagery.

UX Design

Any website or software application with a suboptimal UX compromises the strength of your brand and has a direct negative impact on your ability to generate income. We create flawless, frictionless, goal-oriented user experiences that are easy to navigate and designed to work seamlessly on the devices that your customers are using. Our aim is to create a UI & UX that reflect your brand’s premium positioning, increase the chances of return custom and maximize revenues over the medium and longer term.

Our Chicago based UI & UX team offers the full range of services that your business will need to capture the attention of users, fulfil their expectations, no matter how high they might be, and improve your business’ chances of long-term success.

Our research process yields unique customer insights, enabling us to craft user experiences that promote conversions, drive leads and make complex transactions easy. In addition to facilitating the flow of income through your site, our superior UX design promotes user loyalty to your brand, supporting stronger long-term revenue generation capacity.

Our UX Strategy

Our approach to superior UX is based on a simple principle: by knowing how people want to use your product or service, we can identify their needs and cater directly to them. Our team has knowledge of all of the strategies to gain a strong working knowledge of how your customers think, feel, and act. We are able to identify opportunities for you to better meet their needs and expectations, and hopefully entertain and thrill them at the same time.

Our process can be broken down into the following elements:

  • Customer research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • UX audits & recommendations
  • Persona development
  • Usability testing
  • Competitive analysis

We will never stop developing and refining your site’s UX. Once we have established what we need to do to help you make the most of your customer base, we leverage our strategic insights into something tangible, something concrete. Our team offers a wide range of integrated services skills that will enable you to deliver a remarkable user experiences to your customers, including:

  • UX/UI design
  • Information architecture
  • Branding & identity
  • Copywriting
  • Microcopy
  • Visual design & concepting
UX Validation and Optimization

We also offer the following analytics services to ensure that your site and UX are performing exactly as intended and delivering value to you and your customers:

  • Card sorting
  • Tree testing
  • First-click testing
  • Usability testing
  • Benchmarking & analysis

A/B Testing

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) involves comparing two versions of a web page to see which one is the better performer. Two web pages are shown to similar visitors at the same time.

Every business website wants visitors to convert from being mere visitors to something else. For e-commerce sites, this conversion is almost always a consumer making a purchase. The rate at which a website is able to do this is known as its “conversion rate”. Measuring the performance of a variation (A or B) means measuring the rate at which it converts visitors to goal achievers.

A/B testing enables online business to make the most of their existing traffic. While the cost of acquiring paid traffic can be significant, the cost of increasing conversions is minimal. The return on investment of A/B testing can be massive because even minor changes made to a landing page or website can result in major increases in leads generated, and thus higher sales and greater revenue.

Our A/B testing service offers all this and more. We are committed to improving your ability to generate income by discovering how and why people are or are not converting from mere visitors to full customers. And we promise results.

Case Studies

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Kruger, Inc.

Kruger, Inc. is a Canadian-based family-owned company who specialize in the production and distribution of renewable and sustainable products across various sectors and industries. Kruger, Inc. is also the #1 produce of tissue products in Canada.

view case study


Kruger were in need of a world-class website to help convey their story and the culture of the company: working within different industries and communities through sustainability efforts and renewable resources.


CWA developed a modern and easy-to-navigate corporate website for Kruger, allowing them to properly provide information about the company as well as insights into the work they do and the sustainability-driven goals and culture that they adhere to. Additionally, we created a user-friendly mobile version of the site for an optimal on-the-go experience.

American Marketing & Publishing

AMP, an Illinois-based digital and traditional marketing & advertising company, contacted us here at Comrade to help design and developing a new, modernized website as well as rebrand and update the company’s imagery.

view case study


AMP is unique in that their customer base consists of small and local businesses who use print and online mediums for advertising and marketing. It was important for the new website to be structured in a way that both AMP team members and their customers could navigate and easily identify the best solution for their business.

As a secondary but equally important feature, the site needed to help facilitate understanding for new employee prospects on the culture and and purpose of AMP.


The new look produced for this brand new website was coupled by a very user-intuitive design, while keeping accessibility in mind. The information architecture of the site allows users to move into a carefully laid out sales funnel for maximized conversions.

The site serves as both the face of the company and as a marketing tool for their salespeople.

AARP Illinois

AARP is a US-based non-profit interest group whose purpose is to help empower the aging American population by means of advocating for social change through information, advocacy, service, and lobbying activities.

view case study


AARP Illinois tasked Comrade in designing a website that would help them drive IL residents to engage elected representatives as means of holding them accountable for drafting a sensible state budget. With this, CWA would help AARP develop what would become known as the “Enough Is Enough” campaign. The goal was to create tools to enable residents to add their own stories and opinions on the crucial topic of state budgeting and its adverse effects on the elderly population.


CWA created an easy-to-use website that lets users find appropriate information and get involved. Users can subscribe to a newsletter, browse through and submit stories, discover facts and statistics regarding the state of IL, and stay up-to-date on current news regarding the budgeting crisis. Finally, the website guides the user toward action and engagement, including sharing content through social media.

Belgravia Group

Belgravia Group is a premier real estate company from Chicago, with a legacy spanning over 70 years and having developed well over 2,000 properties within that time. Belgravia consulted with CWA on creating a modern, attractive website to properly showcase the company’s culture and history. After multiple creative brainstorming sessions, CWA was able to develop the blueprint for what would become a stunning site to help represent Belgravia.

view case study


Belgravia’s prior website was stagnant and required a revamp that would give them a cutting-edge and modernized look to match their niche of real estate: high-end properties in some of the most popular neighborhoods of Chicago.


The approach applied was both minimalist and interactive: the website has a clean-cut layout with easy navigation. CWA also consulted Belgravia in creating unique, professional content to add to the site, helping to strengthen the company’s online reputation. The visual content consists of beautiful professional photography that showcases the properties Belgravia Group manage.

Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors

Blueprint is a Chicago-based advisory firm that specializes in senior housing and healthcare real estate, offering unique exit strategies, solutions, and consulting for both investors and operators. Blueprint enlisted Comrade Web Agency to revamp their website, create a client portal for investors and operators, and to develop a mobile app for their services.

view case study


Due to the high amounts of information that is typically exchanged between BP and their clientbase, the requested portal needed to be capable of both holding said information and allowing exchange between multiple parties. Their complex business model also had to be taken into account, as there are several variables in the kinds of information exchanged and how the portal should function for each user.


We developed a brand new site for Blueprint, bringing their branding and voice up to date with user-friendly navigation and professional stylings. This included creating a design and branding library for future use.

As for the client portal, we were able to create a visible portfolio with all assets in a “data room”: a place within the portal where Blueprint can exchange files, messages, and other related content with their clients (and vice versa).

From the admin side, users are able to update and manage portfolios and related assets. Additionally, they are given a variety of dashboards for their different metrics, including finances.

The mobile app was developed for usage on both iOS and Android platforms, serving as an on-the-go version of their site.

Blackhawk Supply

Blackhawk supply company expertise ranges across plumbing, electrical and HVAC and a variety of controls (actuators, sensors, and displays), and is a licensed dealer for 15 major players, including Johnson Controls and Siemens. Chicago-based, the company’s founders have grown a loyal clientele over 3 decades, and has rapidly expanded nationwide.

view case study


Started in 2015, Blackhawk has to overcome its newcomer status. Though the company was started only 3 years ago, Blackhawk’s team has been solidly building a reputation in the manufacture of HVAC Controls for 30+ years. Blackhawk Supply needed online branding to demonstrate their markedly superior customer service.


CWA devised a new presentation for the company’s customer-first logic; and created page-flows and content that nurtures clients through product research & comparison, smart-search with visual filters and online purchasing. We used clean, organized design and leveraged technology tools that maximize customers’ positive experiences and interactions with the company.

To achieve higher conversion we also installed user manuals and how-to videos that truly help users, as well as easy-to-use communication tools: forms, emails, live chat, FAQs, line cards, catalogs return tool and phone support.

Florida-based company offers a unique platform where boat owners can sign up to offer their boats (with or without captain) on an hourly or daily basis for leisurely use. Owners may host or simply rent out their boats for trips. Alternatively, if a renter is interested in borrowing a boat, they can enter their preferences and location and be matched with boats in their area.

view case study


Boat.Me required a website that would allow them easy access to their boating “inventory” in real time. Owners had a need for an area on the website where they could make updates on their boats such as availability. This was asked to be housed in an attractive, fun looking website that was easy-to-use.


CWA created a sleek, interactive website that help run their business efficiently. A website included an easy-to-use interface for members, one-time renters, and boat owners. The company’s platform offers an easy, streamlined experience for all users.


PneuTech is a partner for compressed air distributors all over the world. They help companies grow by supporting them with personal industry experience and a full line of compressed air products. The project's objective was to create a website displaying products across their 4 global regions.

view case study


PneuTech products vary from region to region, meaning we needed to create a dynamic database that would change depending on the region selected. This included photos, descriptions, spec sheets, and applicable forms. Another challenge was creating a site that was modern and visually clean, something the vast majority of industrial sites severely lack.


The website showcases a “region selector” feature, allowing users (in this case, distributors) to choose their appropriate region. By doing this, they are able to see products available in their chosen region as well as item specs.

The site itself was designed with the intended user in mind—distributors for air compressor products, parts, and related items. The design and layout are clean and straightforward, allowing ease of use and navigation.

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