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Digital marketing and web design that will broaden the most profitable sales funnels and channel them straight into your revenue

Web Design

Web Design

Your website is the heart and soul of your business’ online presence. You have to use it to present your brand as qualified and trustworthy, as well as to inspire visitors to take action. Our Chicago-based web design agency will help you turn your website into your best source of high-quality leads.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The real power of our digital marketing agency lies in our diversity. We can reach all types of clients and we use every tool at our disposal to identify and engage your ideal prospects. Together, we can create and execute an online marketing strategy that will not only get you new leads and generate sales, but will also make each of your clients your loyal brand ambassador.
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Why Comrade?

Because our versatility doesn't come at the cost of expertise. Because we have proven recipes for success, but we adapt them to your needs and your audience's taste. Because everything we'll do for you is designed to bring you profit and results, now and in the long run.

Laser-focused on achieving results

In an over-saturated market, constant, almost mad attention to detail is what edges out the fierce competition.

10 years in Business

It's one thing to achieve temporary success or make a couple of clients happy, it's another to do it consistently for a decade. Stagnancy is not an option - we constantly build on our experience to become better and better, for ours and our clients' sake.

Superb Customer Service

It all starts and ends with genuine care for the people you serve. It's the only way to achieve long-term, sustainable results.

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