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Zen Supplies
About the Project

Zen Supplies is an industry-disrupting software provider. Their technicians develop solutions for inventory management, budget and cost analysis, as well as distributor price comparison. Comrade Web Agency was brought in to create a new, branded, professional website to provide ease and accessibility of actionable information for dental staff and distributors.

CWA designed a pristine visual appearance with bright green accents, serving as calls-to-actions and to highlight important information. This is complemented by the grey and black text, creating a clean and efficient design.

While the look of the website is certainly important, it was a priority for CWA to bring detail to the effectiveness of Zen Supplies’ business methodology. We helped create content on their website to address common issues faced by their buyer personas. Next, the website presents typical solutions based on the capability of the Zen Supplies software.

Aside from developing the website, Comrade also integrated various marketing tools, both physical and digital. This included flyers, brochures, and other tangible materials containing information and advertisement. We then helped the client improve and maintain their overall online presence, from social media platforms to blogging and general online interaction.

Zen Supplies Homepage
This was 3rd project I asked my friends at Comrade to help me with. First was Siegel Construction, then DentalGrape and now ZenSupplies, which is a huge undertaking and new area for our team and comrade guys not only delivered, but also advised us in marketing and content development along the way and basically built our marketing machine (utilizing HubSpot and Google Analytic) to help drive our traffic. Thank you guys and I guess it takes a special character (maybe immigrant mindset) to put yourself in the shoes of your client and you definitely have that. Thank you again!
Tiger Safarov, Zen Supplies
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