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Vinyl Clocks
  • Web Design / Development
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  • Marketing strategy
  • Consumer Products
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About the Project

Vinyl Clocks

As the name alludes, Vinyl Clocks manufactures crafty vinyl clocks in every imaginable theme for peoples’ homes and offices. Their artisans also designed an extensive array of wooden clocks, bookmarks, and iPhone cases.

Project Challenges

The previous website took a shotgun approach to sales. The extensive navigation bar was overwhelming to visitors, causing too much search activity to identify items for which they were searching.
Additionally, the website lacked trust-building elements (reviews, badges, money-back guarantees, etc.) that studies have proven create more sales.

Project Solution

  • Visualize how the clocks look in home and office settings with storyboard vinyl clock photos
  • Concentrate on trigger points of Buyer personas to increase conversions for top-selling products
  • Highlight social proof (testimonials, product reviews) to reduce buyers remorse, and decrease returns
  • Guide users, first, to top-selling vinyl clocks, since vinyl clock purchases are often impulse purchases
Vinyl Clocks Homepage
Vinyl Clocks Image
Vinyl Clocks Image
Vinyl Clocks Image
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