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About the Project

TalentStew leverages 21st Century technology to attract and connect the two audiences that fuel our economy: high-quality Employers and talented, prospective Employees. With so much clutter on the Internet, Comrade Web Agency was tasked with creating a modern UI/UX that promotes the company’s expert service and exceptional teamwork. First, we established a new brand, from the ground up. Next, our designers created clean page layouts, a soothing color palette (natural greens and cool grays) and a logo that stirs imagination (without falling into the “obvious” territory). By conveying TalentStew’s motivation, passion, and commitment to treating all individuals with the utmost integrity and respect, Comrade Web Agency’s team has merged design, technology and marketing in a single project.

TalentStew Homepage
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TalentStew Image TalentStew Image
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It's not about simply being online but evolving your brand in the digital world
We are excited to partner with professionals who have bold visions and uncompromising desire for success.