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Russian Voice Over

Services provided

Web Design Project Description

Company provides Russian voiceover services for commercials.Their clientele are Fortune 500 corporations as well as small and medium size businesses. We performed 4-month long SEO campaign which had terrific results.

I have started using Comrade in September of 2012, while my website was not visible by google at all! (Although it existed for 2 years prior that) In 6 weeks, we reached pages #3-4 and in 8 weeks I became #1 on google search. My leads increased from 0-1 per month- to 10 per month. While working with Stan, I gained so much great insights on how to keep my site up on google. I am really impressed by their level of SEO knowledge and professionalism.

- Kristina G., Russian Voice Over Services

SEO Campaign

Our SEO strategy

The strategy was to use handful of SEO techniques to gain nationwide results optimized for specific keywords and keyword combinations related to the industry.

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Traffic increase

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