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About the Project

RBN Insurance

RBN provides property and casualty risk management services for middle-market companies, as well as employee benefits insurance.

Project Challenges

RBN’s brand was getting lost in an industry that imposes conformity. Their website did not motivate prospects to call them for services. Clients voice concern that the (old) site sparked concerns about what else RBN might be missing. The company’s managers called on Comrade Web Agency for a visual facelift and overall brand repositioning.

Project Solution

  • Built an easy-to-use mobile responsive site, which enables quick phone calls and forms responses from mobile devices. The mobile site is used by more than half their users.
  • Modernize content by presenting the agency’s compelling growth story, and pique prospective customers’ interest in customized risk management strategies.
  • Eliminate awkward logo in favor of a bold shield symbol, and replace “Insurance” tagline with “Risk Management”.
  • Custom photo shoot to introduce their team members, with the backdrop of Chicago’s downtown from their new riverfront skyscraper office.
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