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About the Project


This Magento hosting company works closely with companies’ development teams to ensure fast, secure eCommerce hosted websites.

Project Challenges

The previous website, while visually attractive, did not drive any conversions. Content focused on hosting features instead of Jetrails’ custom technologies and one-on-one consulting to assist companies in achieving their business objectives.

They also lacked social proof, such as case studies and testimonials to prove their position as the best choice for hosting Magento-programmed eCommerce websites.

Project Solutions

  • Leverage knowledge of Buyer Personas to create content that moves prospects on the best paths to become new clients
  • Craft prominent Calls-to-action geared at generating interactions with their target audience members
  • Add testimonials, case studies, and statistics that demonstrate Jetrails’ commitment to excellence
  • Design easy-to-use interface for developers and project managers
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