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Chips Manufacturing

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Web Design Project Description

Chips Manufacturing is a recognized leader in precision manufacturing. From the defense industry to medical technology to HVAC and specialty gauges, Chips does it all. Their commitment to excellence at every stage of engineering and production has brought them continuous growth and prestige in many sectors of the manufacturing industry. But without website that reflected these qualities, Chips would be unable to maintain the progress they strove for. Chips reached out to Comrade Web with no digital presence at all: they had no website design, social media, or any way to engage with their brand online. Starting from scratch, we worked with Chips to design and develop an innovative, modern site that could be a platform for sales, inbound marketing, SEO, and recruiting. A grid-based design would convey their precision and attention to detail, while the live video rendering captured their enthusiasm for the latest technology. Additionally, we implemented an animated Process page to provide an engaging account of the life of a piece of machinery.

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