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About the Project

When AARP’s Illinois constituents asked what could be done to hold our elected representatives accountable for a sensible state budget, the “Enough is enough” campaign was born. Comrade Web Agency was hired to design an engaging website that provides users with multiple methods for sharing stories, contacting state leaders, building community and bringing about actual, positive change.

How to create a new website that engages Illinois’ citizens to:

Contact their elected state officials through the website, post text and video stories about the adverse personal affects caused by the state’s budget impasse, sign petitions to place pressure on the politicians.

Build a visually stunning website with easy-to-consume content that doesn’t require older Illinois citizens to wear their bifocals

Weave a story throughout the website that demonstrates why AARP’s “Enough is Enough” campaign is vital to the state of Illinois. We focused the visual aspects of the site on peoples’ humanity.

Create tools to enable Illinoisans to add their own stories about ways that our budget impasse hurts them

Motivate Illinois citizens to call / email / sign petitions directed at our elected officials to demand a fair and sensible state budget

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