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Peters and Mullins Law is a fictional law firm specializing in personal injury and mesothelioma cases.

Comrade Web created the concept site as a means of visually showing attorneys how they can improve the quality of their digital marketing efforts and web presence.


Creating a fictional attorney site from scratch meant doing plenty of research and conceptualizing. The idea was to pull together best practices and merge them with a modern design to showcase the potential CWA has within the legal marketplace. A significant amount of time was spent on the project to ensure that every detail and aspect of the site felt genuine and professional.


The fictional website was given a sleek, modern look with a layout that relayed vital, decision-making information and that also allowed for easy navigation. The site was completed with a professionally-written content and appropriate, for the legal industry, visuals. Additionally, a full branding was done, complete with a custom logo, fonts, and color palette.

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