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Kenway Consulting is a management and technology consulting company that was founded in 2004. Kenway focuses primarily on enterprise solutions, connecting their clients’ technology and business organizations. Most clients require a diverse combination of skills and experience.

At Kenway, they identify the capabilities and services required to solve their clients’ business challenges through years of experience. They provide the right skills, at the appropriate time, at the precise volume for the proper duration to build optimal project capacity for each client. For this project, we started with a redesign of the existing site. The company’s owner expressed a personal interest in an “outdoor adventure” aesthetic that he often used with clients when making business analogies.

As a result, our team used this concept at a launching pad to extend the brand messaging consistency. Through our design, we highlighted their capabilities, successful case studies and contact and newsletter sign-up forms. We also made their social media marketing account easily accessible from the website, made the site mobile responsive and simplified their WordPress environment.

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