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IMT is a Hollywood, CA based media and IT company. For over twenty years, they have provided tech-centered solutions in a myriad of industries and markets, including media management, consulting, IT assessment, and cloud-based services, among others.

IMT approached Comrade for a full-scale redesign: a website that would reflect the forward-thinking culture of IMT and showcase its versatility and various offerings. It would need be filled with the appropriate content but remain user friendly and provide an ease of navigation through the various departments within IMT.

The design itself was also intended to reflect their field of work. This meant varying shades of blue and grey, two colors which, when used appropriately, can provide a clean, cool background for a tech company.

Due to the nature of this client’s field of work, we decided to pursue the design from a flexibility standpoint. This meant utilizing a modular block system which would allow us to expand sections of the website as well as add or remove them with moderate ease. It allows paves way for future additions and changes, which is perfect for technology-centric clients.

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