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The long-distance moving company needed to transform its poorly designed website into a lead generation tool that attracts new prospects and helps generate phone and email inquiries that can be converted into paying customers. Their adWords traffic was generating a low, 5.5% conversion rate, causing Cali Carriers’ $1,000 / mo payout to barely produce enough profit to justify a positive revenue flow. The company’s expertise, competitive pricing and amazing customer service were being rewarded with a constant struggle for attracting & closing leads.


  • Low PPC conversion rate of 5.5%
  • Outdated website with no compelling content
  • Lackluster branding that created a “less-than-top-notch” feeling


CWA created a bright, friendly logo to appeal to the buyer personas we researched, based upon gender, age, income, geography, etc. We clarified the company’s brand message of four key points: Affordable rates, No broker fees, Accurate Quotes & Status Tracking. We simplified the Buyer’s Journey with content that matters most to people.

Next, we completely reworked the company’s PPC strategy, using highly-specific (and less costly) long-tail keywords. We removed nearly 90% of their prior keywords because they delivered poor quality leads that didn’t convert. Comrade’s marketing and creative team designed engaging (visual) ads and set up retargeting campaigns on a few search engines.


improved conversion rate
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