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Originally founded in New York City in 1896 as American Steel Wool Manufacturing Company, Global Material Technologies (the creator of Xcluder) is the oldest and one of the largest steel wool manufacturing companies in the world.

Based in Chicago, they produce a number of innovative industrial, automotive and consumer products. Xcluder and Xcluder GEO is their latest innovation, which is made of coarse stainless steel and poly fibers. When inserted into cracks and crevices, Xcluder creates an impregnable barrier to stop critters from invading homes and businesses. The most substantial change we made for, besides giving them a new modern, user-friendly design, was implementing an e-commerce software and platform.

Previously, GMT was selling Xcluder through, who would take a percentage of the profits. By moving their business to, GMT was able to gain complete control of sales and profit. Furthermore, Comrade Web Agency made the website mobile responsive, created a testimonials page, implemented scrolling calls to action, optimized website for SEO services and redesigned their informative blog.

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