The Importance of Design: 4-second rule

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This post is inspired by another story: a few weeks ago, the Comrades, web development companies Chicago,  had a kickoff meeting with a Client who was looking for a complete website and branding redesign. Their current site was very Web 1.0, with flat color backgrounds, poorly formatted JPEGs, blocks of text, and very little character that would set it apart from the hundreds of other sites that have seen little to no maintenance since the 2000’s. When we got to their office, we were shocked—it was so modern, with a tasteful Art Deco motif, open layout, glass offices, and tall plants that almost reached their vaulted ceilings. In other words, their office and culture was the exact opposite of what their website looked like.

The 4 second rule:

According to the latest analytics, you have all of 4 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention before the navigate away from your website. At this pace, engagement is even more important than the information itself. Good web design is not just pretty to look at, it tells your visitors everything they need to know to keep them interested.


Art Versus Science

We like to think of web design as both an art and a science. Visitors will be frustrated if they can’t get the information they need in 2 clicks or less. Like modern, open offices, modern web design gets around this by using scrolling homepages with images and text that pop. As soon as they read something they like, visitors should be able to click on it to learn more. The content should be candid and direct, but still informational. Most of all, your design should reflect who you are, what you do, and what you value in a matter of just seconds.

Read “Results on Internet” book written by our partners from Intechnic for more info about the best practices pf UI/UX designs.


The Time Is Now

When was the last time you updated your web design? Are you still using the same logo from ten years ago? If your office is newer than your website, it’s definitely time for a change. Revolutionize it!

It’s worth a conversation to set your project apart.


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