How uber-successful law firms use content marketing to grab new clients

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Do you struggle to find clients for your practice? Not sure what strategy works best for your law firm? Benefit from the experiences of uber-successful law firms who use content marketing to find their ideal clients.The challenge most law firms have is they struggle to find the time and energy to do it correctly. Below we outline why and how to use content marketing for your law firm.

Why do law firms need content marketing?

Before you skip over to the next section for the goodies, it is essential to embrace why you need content creation.

Customers need to know, like, and trust you before they work with your law firm.

know, like, and trust

#1. Know you

Since 33% of legal consumers start their search online, you need a complete content strategy to lure customers to your shingle. Content helps consumers find your law firm through search engines and social media.

#2. Like you

Attorneys need to build a relationship with their clients. However, doing this on the internet is difficult. While the internet gave us the world at our fingers, it also shortened our attention span.

Goldfish now have a longer attention span than most consumers on the internet. So, attorneys need remarkable content that morphs goldfish back into humans, so they become clients.

To do this, you need likable content that speaks to your client as a person. Do not write your content like a legal brief.

Note: you don’t need to be best buds, but you want someone you might spend countless hours with over the next few years to like you.

#3. Trust you

Studies show content marketing provides three times the number of leads as outbound marketing while costing 62% less. Instead of pushing people to work with you, you gently drive them through your lead generation portal.

When they speak with you on the phone, they are then interested prospects.

How do we use content to find clients?

#1. Identify your top clients’ questions

Identify common questions your clients ask you about your services and their situation. Content creation has one purpose: to help your customer with their problem.

Create a list of the top 25 questions your clients ask you on a sheet of paper. Then create one piece of content every week for each question. It is literally that simple.

Don’t complicate your plan. Simplify it so you can focus on your customers’ needs.

client questions

#2. What types of content marketing can an attorney create?

Here are some different types of content you can use throughout the conversion process.

#3. Trigger Emotions

The law is logical. However, often clients have many emotions that cloud their judgment. If you want your content marketing to succeed, you need to understand those emotions.

Look at the emotional words below to help you determine the best way to evoke a response from your targeted audience.

emotional triggers

Now What?

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Written by:
Andy Nathan
Content writer @ Comrade Web Agency

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