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Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design

Typically, in traditional website design, a company will spend a few months and thousands of dollars to put together a website they feel perfectly represents their company. Unfortunately, due to the fluidity of business (and the Internet), that “perfect” website is usually out of date a few months after launch. A company cannot be expected to expend the resources and time necessary to rework their site every few months.

That’s why, at Comrade Web Agency, we offer Growth Driven Design website development.

What is Growth Driven Design?

Comrade’s Growth Driven Design (GDD) delivers key components that transform “spending on a website” into “investment in lead-generation”.

Through GDD we are able to:
  • Implement improvements driven by your users’ actual behavior
  • Capitalize on upward-trending, trackable results
  • Qualify more leads, and gain new customers
  • Support sprints of iterative design and development
  • Create a long-term, mutually beneficial working relationship with your agency
Disadvantages of Traditional Web Design

Disadvantages of Traditional Web Design

Using the traditional method of web design means your site will contain obsolete information within a few months and require a redesign every 1.5 – 2.5 years to realign your content with your business objectives. The idea of a website redesign as an “all-at-once event” is a dated concept.

Comrade Web Agency’s adaptive site creation model changes, right along with your marketing initiatives; and, importantly, your target customers’ needs and wants.

Our GDD minimizes Client risk by systematically improving your website through continuous learning. We trade in guesswork for an understanding of your customers’ information-gathering – and purchasing - behavior.

How Does Growth-Driven Design Work?

Growth Driven Design is divided into two distinct phases. Our Launch Pad design phase is completed within a fraction of the time it takes to complete a website of the same size using the traditional method. The iterative development and continuous improvement phase occurs regularly over the length of your contract.

Launch Pad Website Creation
Phase one

Launch Pad Website Creation

In this stage, we define Buyer Personas and devise a strategy of how best to reach them, complete a website audit of your current website’s appearance, functionality, and analytics to determine your baseline. We gather user feedback, identifying why they visit your site, how they access it, and the value proposition they receive. We also uncover the pain points experienced by your staff that can be alleviated via improved site design and operability.

Using all of the data we’ve gathered, our expert designers and copywriters build a Launchpad Website that reflects your business. Then ensure that the design is functional, adaptive and on brand with your company and its message. The site is then tested and optimized.

Phase two
Phase two

Iterative Development & Continuous improvement

Once your Launchpad Website is launched, we conduct UX testing to verify our hypotheses. We collect actual user behavior data to inform our iterative design and development. Any ideas that are collected during this process are further evaluated, weighed for importance, and phased into the site -or discarded- as appropriate.

Our team works to understand, define and refine your Buyer Personas, and then provide them not only with the content they want, but in the forms that are most appealing to them.

GDD deliverables include:
  • Conversion analysis and recommendations
  • New pages / forms / creation and optimization
  • Design updates based on the analysis
  • Functionality updates
  • HubSpot updates and maintenance
  • Server settings, domain name settings, email settings setup and configuration
  • Site maintenance: WordPress & plugin version updates, back ups, etc.
How It Effects Your Bottom Line

How It Affects Your
Bottom Line

In addition to decreasing your entry-level costs, Growth Driven Design allows you to evolve with your consumers. By identifying what works on your site and what doesn’t and changing aspects of your site quickly and efficiently, you save time, money and resources. Your site will always be updated, optimized and error free.

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