Give Your Blog A Winning Leverage (Part 2)

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Welcome back! Glad you’re still with us. Last week, we went over the basics of  good blogging. Today, we’re going in a little deeper with tips and addressing some common questions.

Part 2: Improving and Customizing

1. Understand And Fulfill Your Audience’s Needs

People generally go to blogs for the purpose of learning something. For good traction and relevance, you’re role is to be the answer to their questions and provide quality content worth sorting through. What does your audience actually want? What would you expect if you were searching for information? Don’t add filler paragraphs or stuff your blog with keywords (to the point of overkill). Both bots and people generally have a knack for seeing through this. Be relevant and informative.

2. Find Your Edge

Take a moment and ask yourself what makes you different when compared to other bloggers. Think about what you have and know that others don’t. Utilize these skills, knowledge, and experiences and turn them into your personal advantage. You can then begin dishing out content that has your personal touch and expertise. People want “real”, and it’s up to you to show them that. Take from your own experiences in life and translate that into a relatable funnel from which you can begin pouring content. Passion and personal experience will truly take you far in this game.

3. Making Headlines

The first thing that your audience see is your headline. This appears in search engines and ads. You need something that will grab their attention the moment they read it, and being conventional is a thing of the past. Your title doesn’t always need to be formal. Think outside the box and write something that stirs curiosity.

4. Weave Your Digital Web

Your blog should serve as a digital database of content and concepts that you can refer to. For every blog you post, find a way to connect it to a previous one. This means hyperlinking and referencing your past work. Not only does this work charms for your SEO, but it keeps your readers within your web of content. It’s convenient for you AND them.

There you have it folks. Be sure to check out our first part if you haven’t already and subscribe for more digital content every week!

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