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The Comrades Battle It Out

by Comrade Web Agency     |     Company News

03/27/17 02:32 PM
The Comrades Battle It Out

There is no stress-reliever quite as satisfying as sending your coworkers flying across the room.

Last Friday, the Comrades did just that.

To celebrate a successful start to the year and the comingIMG_3258.jpg of spring (although in Chicago we don’t really have one of those…), our team headed to the Jesse White Community Center for an afternoon of mini-games, courtesy of the folks over at Battle Balls.

Led by Randy Carlson, Battle Balls officially launched in 2014. Having been influenced by the European phenomenon of playing football (soccer) in a large bubble suit, Randy brought the idea stateside, adding his own array of game variations, rules, and suit design. While originally aimed at sports fanatics, the game has garnered significant attention from both athletes and casual players alike, having made its way into company outings, school events, and even utilized for marriage counseling. That’s right, husbands and wives can now settle their differences by launching themselves at one another in large bubble suits.



After a brief breakdown of how the bubbles worked, the games began. We first participated in a standard game of soccer before moving onto “Protect the King/Queen”, where we essentially had to protect one member from our team from getting knocked down. Lastly, we had an all out battle royale amongst each other until only one Comrade remained standing. 


Being a digital agency, you can imagine the amount of time Comrade spends online and plugged in. Because of this, we feel it’s important to get active and spend time  away from our screens. A great way to build teamwork and unify our company is through unique activities and outings like this.

If you’re interested in a game of Battle Balls soccer or perhaps just bodyslamming your family and friends, you can get in touch with Battle Balls here.


The Comrades Battle It Out