Web Content – What, Where, How and Why?

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Writing landing pages, service pages, and blogs is easier said than done. If you’ve ever tried to write the web content, you understand. There are a lot of variables that come into play. Word count, tone, vocabulary, design requirements, SEO and sometimes there are even things we can and cannot legally write. At Comrade Web Agency, we ask that clients send us “bare content” prior to completing any copywriting work. Obtaining this content from clients allows the copywriter to fully understand what you want to portray on the page. With this information, they can then turn that content into beautifully sculpted content for your site.

What is “Bare Content?”

Bare content is a term we use here at Comrade to describe the minimal amount of information that a client wants on each page. This can come in the form of a bullet point, list or short sentences and paragraphs. There does not need to be proper formatting or grammar, simply sit down and think: What is the essential information on this page? How do potential customers benefit from reading this page? What do I legally need to include? What do I NOT want on the page? Etc.

Can I Write My Own Web Content and Have the Copywriter Proofread and Edit?

Of course! If you have a distinct voice that you want to use for your site and have the time to write everything, be our guest. However, oftentimes, clients find that it can be a bit overwhelming to write all the content for a website. There are many pages to consider and, as your company grows and your website requires additional pages, it can become a large undertaking.

Editing web content

Hiring a copywriter means working with someone who:

a) writes for a living,

b) fully understands your company, and

c) can effortlessly write in the same voice as the rest of your site. This resource means that you can rest easy knowing your site will have continuity and a seamless voice regardless of how many pages you have.

What Happens to My Content After I Approve it with the Copywriter?

After you and the copywriter have sent back and forth a few drafts, your approved content will be sent to your Account Manager for design and development.

From this point on, the web content is out of the copywriter’s hands. If you’d like an update on the content or you would like to make a change, please contact your account manager first. They, in turn, will contact the Copywriter to determine if the change is timely enough to implement. When possible, the copywriter will make the change and send it back to the account manager.

Finally, it might be worthwhile to discuss ways to improve the quality of your website content.


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